Tomorrow belongs to us: an unprecedented second “episode” shot in confinement by the actors – News TV Series

Tomorrow belongs to us: an unprecedented second “episode” shot in confinement by the actors – News TV Series

“Tomorrow belongs to us” confined version, it continues. Juliette Tresanini unveiled on Youtube a new episode of “Tomorrow is confinement” which imagines the daily life of Sandrine, Victoire, Georges, and Morgane in this particular period.

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While waiting for the return of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, whose filming and broadcasting are interrupted until further notice due to the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, fans of the daily soap opera can find some of their favorite characters in unprecedented situations thanks to the “Tomorrow is confinement” pellets, shot with the means at hand during confinement and posted on Juliette Tresanini’s YouTube channel for the benefit of the nursing staff. And after a first episode in early April, the actress unveiled Friday night a second sequence, entitled “The routine”, which takes us once again into the confined daily life of Sandrine, Victoire (Solène Hébert), Morgane (Marie Catrix), and Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui).

This new special episode, which you can discover below, is interested this time in the little habits of each other, and in the routine that settles in a roommate and can end up annoying after a month of confinement strength. Georges’ socks lying around the whole apartment, the showers a little too long taken by some, disagreements related to meals or to the shopping list (“who buys Pim’s with orange in 2020?”), Everything Goes there and the result, filmed separately by each of the four confined actors, should obviously delight fans of Tomorrow belongs to us in lack of their favorite soap. And as good news never arrives alone, know that a third episode of “Tomorrow is confinement” should soon see the light of day, as Juliette Tresanini recently told us in an interview.

Remember that these new video discs, imagined by Juliette Tresanini and Solène Hébert, are part of a very good solidarity approach since each click (which generates Youtube money) brings money to the association Thanks caregivers which aims to offer varied meals to the nursing staff during the Covid-19 crisis, in order to brighten up the lunch breaks, and therefore the daily life, of those who take care day after day of the sick victims of the coronavirus .

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