Tomorrow belongs to us: an unexpected couple about to form? at the…

Back in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Robin Bellanger (Dominique Guillo) fell in love with Bénédicte (Honorine Magnier). But are her feelings one-sided, or is Dr. Daunier, too, under a spell?

While misfortunes follow one another for the Delcourt-Bertrands, who must face a terrible revenge targeting Judith and Alex’s farmhouse, all is not black for the main family of tomorrow belongs to us since one of the members of the tribe seems to have been hit in the heart by Cupid’s arrow. But are his feelings mutual?

Recently returned to Sète to lend a hand to his brother, Robin Bellanger (Dominique Guillo) injured his shoulder a fortnight ago and then met Bénédicte Daunier (Honorine Magnier), who took him to the hospital in the hope of curing his capsulitis.

However, the consultation quickly took an unexpected turn. Robin having indeed had a hard time hiding that he had fallen in love with his doctor. And to believe a new excerpt from Tomorrow belongs to us unveiled in advance by TF1it will not take long to return to the charge with Bénédicte.

“I have to tell you: I was looking forward to this meeting”, says Alex’s brother to Doctor Daunier as he walks with her through the corridors of Saint-Clair Hospital. Bénédicte thinks that her patient’s shoulder is causing him terrible pain again and does not seem to guess the subtext hidden behind the few words spoken by Robin. The latter then adds and specifies: “What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s always a pleasure to see you”.

Bénédicte, visibly embarrassed by this confidence, then makes an announcement that does not particularly delight Robin: “I don’t know if the secretary told you, but a colleague will replace me”. Surprised, Bellanger tries to find out if there is a problem, but Bénédicte assures him that she is simply very busy and that she thinks her colleague will be better able to treat her capsulitis.

Tomorrow belongs to us: an unexpected couple about to form? At the...

Robin is however not fooled and insists. He thinks he went too far during their last interview and apologizes. “If I made you uncomfortable, it was not my intention. I’m sorry, sincerely”. Bénédicte prefers to act as if nothing had happened and pretends that she has to go. It was then that Robin tried everything to keep seeing her: “Wait, I really need this session. I swear I’ll behave myself”.

Bénédicte no longer has a choice and is then very clear with Robin: “Mr. Bellanger, I’m married. So I’ll go now”. She thus cuts the discussion short and forces Robin to leave the hospital. But is she really so impervious to her patient’s amorous impulses? Because as she watches him walk away, it’s hard not to think that she, too, is somewhat troubled.

Will Robin come to sow discord in the couple that Bénédicte has been forming for years with Etienne (Patrick Guerineau)? Could an affair begin between Doctor Daunier and Alex’s brother? And could this give birth to a great love story? The future will tell.

One thing is certain: in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Robin will confide in his brother that he is determined to continue his sessions with Bénédicte.

And his rapprochement with Bénédicte could well be linked to the current intrigue of the farmhouse sinceAude Theveninthe producer of the soap opera, told us recently: “There is a rapprochement that takes place (laughs). But in Tomorrow belongs to us, there is always thriller. Everything is intertwined. Nothing is done at random”.

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