Tomorrow belongs to us: an amazing new plot for the Morenos this summer? – News…

After the blackmail they suffered from Brunet in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the Moreno will bounce back in an amazing way since Sylvain will decide to buy the straw hut! A new start for a key setting in the series.

As the revelations about Stanislas follow one another, the weeks to come promise to be full of surprises in tomorrow belongs to us. Because if the love story of one of the couples in the series could well come to an enda major twist also awaits us on the side of the Moreno family.

Last year, Christelle (Ariane Seguillon) and Sylvain (Arnaud Henriet) made an unexpected life change after winning 9 million euros at the casino thanks to the money from a gold bar stolen during the Spoon hostage crisis.

Having become rich, the Morenos led the good life for a few months before recently having to face the blackmail of Victor Brunet (Farouk Bermouga), who managed to manipulate them and recover his house, but also part of their fortune.

Far from being penniless, Christelle and Sylvain still have a few million in the bank – even if the sum they gave to Brunet has never been revealed on screen – and the couple could well decide to invest in an amazing company in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us in order to offer a new professional start to Sylvain, who has been bored since he stopped working as a plumber.

“I’m looking for a job where I’m in contact with people and I’m my own boss, like before”explains Sylvain to Alex (Alexander Brewer) as they have a drink at the Spoon in a new unpublished extract unveiled in advance by TF1. “I had thought of a luxury car dealership. But hey, it’s still being in contact with the rich, that’s not possible. I want normal people”.

That’s when Alex thinks back to a discussion he had with Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) and thinks he has found the ideal job for his friend who dreams of becoming a freelancer again: “Chloé told me that Bart wanted to sell the straw hut concession. You have a good sense of contact, you like good food, a restaurant owner would be perfect for you. (…) It’s a job but it can be learned. Running a restaurant is a job, you have to be ready, but you are”.

An idea that immediately delights the main interested party. “It doesn’t scare me”assures Sylvain. “That’s what I’m looking for: to work. To have a place of my own, friendly, where I serve simple, inexpensive meals, casually. And then the sun, the beach, samba”.

Tomorrow belongs to us an amazing new plot for the

Without waiting, Alex challenges Bart (Hector Langevin), who is behind the bar, and announces that he may have found a buyer for the hut. The young man, who has just gone through difficult weeks, initially seems skeptical because he knows that Sylvain has no experience in catering. But Dylan’s father, Jessica, and Betty manage to convince him that he is the man for the job.

“I can’t give a fuck anymore, I have to work. And I have strong points. Contact with people, and then for the rest I learn quickly”. Which is reminiscent of Bart’s journey who, as Alex points out to him, learned “on the job” with Maxim (Clement Remiens) at the time of the Little Spoon.

The boss of the Spoon, who needs to sell the straw hut as soon as possible (“I have to get rid of it, I can’t maintain a place that I don’t run”) therefore seems ready to hand over the keys to the beach restaurant to Sylvain Moreno.

The summer promises to be full of surprises for the Moreno in Tomorrow belongs to us. Especially since, if Sylvain will do everything to meet the challenge, Charlie (Clemence Lassalas) go “doubting his abilities” according to information from Télé Star. From there to think that the hut will once again be the scene of unforeseen events and misunderstandings of all kinds, as only the Morenos have the secret, there is only one step.

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