Tomorrow belongs to us: already the end of the Noor-Cédric couple?

While he has been living a secret love affair with Noor for a few days, Cédric could well put an end to their story during the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.


Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

By choosing to live their love story out of sight, Noor (Sahelle de Figueiredo) and Cédric (Julien Cheminade) were far from suspecting the many obstacles they were going to have to overcome in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Starting with the interest of Cédric’s son for the young woman. Indeed, Lillian (Sylvain Le Gall) completely fell for Noor and did not hesitate to be insistent on getting a date with her. If she tried hard to refuse for a long time, she had no other choice but to agree to go have a drink with him on Valentine’s Day.

Only, Cédric, who learned it from the mouth of his son, did not really appreciate it and that is an understatement. Knowing full well that Lillian would not give up, he had therefore asked his mistress to clear things up with him. In an uncomfortable situation, Noor had finally stood him up and hurt him deeply in the process.

Between his lies to Irene (Thaïs Kirby) and the fact of seeing his son suffer, the situation has unfortunately become unbearable for Cédric who is about to make a radical decision in the sequel to the successful daily TF1.

While their story has barely begun, should we already expect the end of the couple of Noor and Cédric?

In a new unreleased extract available on MYTF1Cédric joins Noor at the port then breaks up with her.

I make everyone suffer. My wife. Lilian, I’ve never seen him like this. He doesn’t want to let go, you understand? He really cares about you. “, he explains to Noor.

As Noor blames himself for having told Lilian that she loved another man, Cédric points out to her that she did nothing wrong. The situation now being untenable, the nurse prefers to stop there before doing too much damage.

For Cédric, their story was magical, but he also thinks it was madness. When Noor approaches to kiss him in the hope of changing his mind, the father of the family steps back before indicating that it is not possible.

And Noor to beg him, “ You can’t stop it all like that. I promise you we’ll find a solution. We will be careful. “.

But nothing helps. Cédric knows that this cannot work and sticks to his positions. After telling her that he was going to miss her, he turns around and then goes home.

How will Noor react to this disappointment in love?

According to the official synopses released by the channel, ” Noor puts his professional future at risk to avoid suffering “, which does not bode well.

However, a threat may well bring the ex-lovers closer together. Indeed, after the series has lifted the mystery of the disappearance of Emma (Luna Lou), Noor and Cédric will be at the heart of a new plot full of twists and turns in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Also according to the synopses, they will be the victims of a crow and ” [seront] willing to take risks to find out who is behind the threatening messages “.

To find out if this ordeal will allow them to live their love story in broad daylight or if it will, on the contrary, put an end to their idyll, it will still be necessary to be patient.

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