Very mysterious since her return in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Lucie (Lorie Pester) hides a huge secret from those close to her: she has not returned to France alone since Marc Véry will also reappear in the series this week.

What has Lucie (Lorie Pester) been hiding from her loved ones since her return to Sète? This is the question that will agitate Victoire (Solène Hébert) in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, which will give pride of place to the secrets of Lieutenant Salducci. After the joy of their reunion, Victoire will begin to wonder about the strange behavior of her friend, who refuses to go into the details of the year and a half that she has just spent abroad and doesn’t seem ready to go back to life. And the companion of Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) will come to the conclusion that a man is hiding behind all this. But she is far from imagining the identity of the individual in question.

Indeed, as the trailer unveiled this weekend by TF1 reveals, Lucie did not return to Sète alone: ​​she is actually accompanied by Marc Véry (Guillaume Faure), the profiler with whom she fell in love in 2018. and who ended up turning out to be the serial killer that the police had been stalking relentlessly. A murderer known as the “Alliance Killer” Lucie, burned out due to several traumatic cases, had gone to Brazil in June 2019, without telling anyone. Everything therefore suggests that Lucie and Marc, who will reappear on the air at the end of the week, are still in a relationship, and that they did not return to France by chance. But will they manage to hide the truth for a long time from Karim, Georges, Martin, and Victoire? Not sure.

According to the synopses of the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Aurore (Julie Debazac) is going to get fully involved in “an old affair” and will not be long in harboring suspicions “that Karim and Georges do not share”. Would she have gathered evidence of the presence of Marc Véry in Sète, which could finally allow the police to send the Killer to alliances behind bars? For her part, according to Solène Hébert’s statements to Télé Star, Victoire will have “a shock” by discovering what Lucie is hiding from her and will find herself confronted with a major dilemma. “Lucie is going to ask him to help her. Victoire will be jostled in her principles and have to lie to Georges”, explains the interpreter of Victoire to our colleagues. “And there between them it is likely to explode. In any case, they will test the strength of their relationship. There are many issues, dilemmas, emotions. I loved this plot which questions the meaning friendship and loyalty “. So how far will Victoire have to go to help Lucie? And what role exactly does Marc Véry play in the upcoming plot? Answer soon in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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