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As the veil on the fate of Clémentine (Linda Hardy) is about to be lifted, Sacha (Renaud Roussel) is about to kill another character in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

The mysterious disappearance of Clémentine Doucet (Linda Hardy) has been the rhythm of the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us for several weeks. Although he is the main suspect in this case, Sacha (Renaud Roussel) manages to cover his tracks and dispel the suspicions of the police. However, the latter actually hides a dark truth that is about to emerge.

In the episode broadcast this evening on TF1, the tragic fate of Clémentine will finally be revealed. Following the discovery of the double life of his companion, Clémentine and Sacha had a violent argument which quickly degenerated. If during this Clémentine tries to reason with her companion who has gone completely mad, he slaps her with rage and makes her fall to the ground. But the coach does not stop there. Lifting her up to pin her to the wall, Sacha screams that he won’t let her break his life before strangling him. Clementine may struggle, Sacha is too strong and maintains his grip on her until she takes her last breath.

While Clémentine’s body is nowhere to be found, Sacha has managed to alleviate the suspicions of the police. However, the return of Vinciane (Alexandra Cholton), the woman to whom he owed 20,000 euros at the start of this ark, risks jeopardizing this truth that he seeks at all costs to hide.

In Thursday night’s episode, Vinciane will make further advances to Sacha. As he refuses, the young woman will threaten to go to the police to testify about his violent past. Vinciane will remind him then that once he had hit her so hard during a moment in complete privacy that she had been arrested for five days. Words that do not please Sacha who will enter into a black anger and bang Vinciane in the face brutally. When she begs her former lover not to hurt her by swearing not to say anything, Sacha, who does not intend to let her put his life in danger, strangles her until death follows.

At a time when Sacha’s guilt in Clémentine’s death is no longer the slightest doubt, will the sports coach still manage to escape the police with two murders on his back? Unfortunately, the police are not ready to find the bodies of the victims. Indeed, according to the synopsis revealed by TF1, they will only be found in the pond during the month of June and the chances are strong that it is Vinciane and Clémentine.

Enough to put the police on Sacha’s trail again? To find out, meet every evening from 7:10 p.m. on TF1.

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