Tomorrow belongs to us: “A love story is possible between Sofia and Hadrien” confides Anthony Colette

Recently arrived in Sète, Hadrien brings with him a real breath of fresh air. Anthony Colette, his interpreter, tells us about his adventure in “Tomorrow belongs to us” and what awaits his character in the next episodes of the series.

Allociné: Léo Matteï, Minors’ Brigade, Tomorrow belongs to us. Nothing will stop you in 2021 …

Anthony Colette: With everything that is going on now and the confinement, it is true that I had a period when I told myself that it was going to be complicated. And finally, I had several great projects that came before me and I knew how to seize some good opportunities. I am very happy with this year 2021.

Viewers have been discovering you in the role of Hadrian in Tomorrow belongs to us for a few days. What attracted you to this role?

Hadrien is a really cool guy. When I say cool, I mean really cool baba. He’s been around the world, he doesn’t give a damn about everything that happens around him, about the future. But he is still a character very attached to his mother. He’s not just a cool guy who doesn’t like anyone. He is really attached to his family. And I like that side because it’s kind of who I am in life too. That is, everything that’s going on in my life right now is exactly the same. I’m kind of the same kind of guy. A little less cool maybe because Hadrian is really not serious about certain things but it is this very “I-don’t care” side that I liked. I thought it must be great to play that.

How was your arrival in the big family that is Tomorrow belongs to us?

Very good. I’m super happy because everyone made me feel very welcome. I was stressed at the beginning because I was afraid of the rhythm and I didn’t know anyone more or less. Everyone is super welcoming and super nice. I directly hooked up with the actors I play with. The production is the same, they put me at ease. Everyone received me well. I’m really happy to be part of this team.

Hadrien is a very solar character who does not care about his future. After leaving his engineering studies, he decided to take a sabbatical year to travel around the world. Since his arrival in Sète, he has spoken a lot about his many trips and one would sometimes be tempted to believe that he is doing a little too much. Did he actually travel and ultimately be hiding something?

Hadrien really traveled. Is he hiding something? I cannot deny it, nor confirm it. I do not know. What is certain is that his travels marked him. He liked them so much that he’s going to talk about them all the time. We feel it’s super important for him. This is especially what must be kept in mind and that we will understand as the episodes go by.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "a love story is possible between sofia and hadrien" confides anthony colette

Screenshot / TF1

Over the course of the episodes, we learn that Hadrian is very close to his mother but much less to his father. Do the writers plan to explore your character’s family past in future episodes?

Personally, I am not sure what it is. Let’s say that in the last episodes we understand that he has an almost conflictual relationship with his father and that he does not love him as much as his mother. In any case, it will not be the center of the subject in the next episodes. We’re not going to dwell on that.

Between Samuel (Axel Kiener) and Hadrien, the current goes very well and the two men develop a beautiful bond as they get to know each other. What can you tell us about their relationship?

I read a bit of viewer comments about my character coming to the show. I was very happy. What I noticed is that people are directly saying to themselves, “this Hadrian is hiding something”. Some are a little skeptical because they say that Samuel is going to fall back on his faults because of Hadrian who seems to give a damn about everything. The scenes with Axel Kiener are the first scenes I played when I got to Tomorrow belongs to us. This relationship will surprise because people ask questions and sometimes I laugh when I see what they imagine. I find it so amazing how much imagination they can have. This relationship will really surprise a lot of people.

How does Alma (Camille de Pazzis) see their coming together?

Alma really loves her son very much. She knows he can be borderline at times, but she still loves him very much. And she loves Samuel a lot too. For her, it is true that it will be complicated. We will say that she will appreciate this rapprochement because it is always nice to see your child getting closer to your new partner. It’s obvious. But she will be surprised too. She’s going to be as surprised as the audience actually.

Alma is very worried about her son’s future. Since your character doesn’t really care about his future, will she push him to take charge? What role will she play in his life?

She almost reminds me of my mother in real life. It is her son, she will inevitably want to direct him so that he does something with his life. Like all moms I think. And as mine did too. When I say that reminds me of mother, it’s because Alma never forces her son to do this or that. She will push him to choose what he wants to do in life and force him to move a little so that he does not sit idle. I find it really good. Their relationship is super pretty I think.

Doesn’t that risk creating some tension between mother and son?

It can obviously create tension. But I don’t want to spoil too much either. We will say that Alma is benevolent and that it is complicated to annoy him anyway.

Side heart, Hadrien likes to flirt but has not yet found the shoe to his feet. He will soon meet Sofia (Emma Smet) for whom he seems to have a real crush. Is a love affair possible between them?

Of course a love story is possible. When Hadrien arrives in Sète, he doesn’t really ask any questions. He’s going to run into Sofia and he’s going to have a crush. We can see that she is receptive too. We are necessarily led to ask the question of whether something is going to happen between them. But besides that, what’s complicated is that Samuel is supposed to be her stepfather and he’s also Sofia’s daddy. There is a little thing stuck. And it can be interesting [rires].

Tomorrow belongs to us: "a love story is possible between sofia and hadrien" confides anthony colette

Screenshot / TF1

In fact, Sofia and Hadrien will be brought together and perhaps get closer in the next episodes. How will William and Samuel react when they find out?

William (Kamel Belghazi) is going to meet Hadrian. Like any dad with his daughter, he will quickly begin to observe her and understand that this Hadrian is a very happy person but above all very happy to see pretty girls like Sofia. Obviously, the meeting will be very embarrassing but above all very funny. Anyway, I found the scenes we played very funny and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Is your character destined to remain on the show on a recurring basis?

Anyway for me it is planned to stay. Let’s say I don’t have an end date yet. I’ll shoot until we decide to stop something. But for the moment they will see me yes.

What would you like for the future of your character and which other actors in the series would you like to share a plot with?

I am very open. Comedy is still very new to me. I don’t have a huge experience because it’s not been a year since I started. Honestly, I would love to tour with everyone on the show because they all look super cool. There are plenty of interesting storylines to do with any character.

Ultimately, if there is one thing that I would like, it would be that Hadrian, who is a very cool character, finds himself having a hard time to the point of completely transforming him. To go to extremes like the character of Samuel Chardeau who was a very dark role. This kind of role is super interesting to do.

It would be funny to suddenly see a Hadrian, who is very cool and nice to everyone, being in situations where he is going to be on the edge. Pushing him to the point where he becomes annoying and even almost mean. It could be super interesting to see a transformation like that. These are ideas that I have but I have no control over them. Since I arrived on Tomorrow belongs to us, I find that I am more and more comfortable and it is very formative to play in this soap opera.

Did you expect such a reception from fans of the series?

When I first got on Dancing with the Stars, social media wasn’t my thing. Suddenly I had a lot of positive messages when I was afraid of it. And this is exactly what happened. When I appeared in the first episode of Tomorrow is Ourselves, I got a lot of messages in the evening from people who were super happy. It made me happy and it made me want to continue. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Do you have any other projects outside of the series that you can tell us about?

I wish Dancing with the Stars could come back to school and dance with a new celebrity by my side. It is true that I miss it and it is something that I like very much. It is also thanks to this program that I am here. It’s important to me. Afterwards, I have another project but I cannot speak about it for the moment. There are plenty of things to come. I try to do a lot of things that I like in life.

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