Tomorrow belongs to us: “A lot of things will happen for Sara and Roxane” promises Camille Genau on TV

While Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) will soon join the ranks of the scientific police of Sète in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Camille Genau, the interpreter of Sara, teased us many twists to come for this flagship couple of the series.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "a lot of things will happen for sara and roxane" promises camille genau on tv
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What do the writers of Tomorrow belongs to us reserve for Sara (Camille Genau) and Roxane (Raphaële Volkoff) in the weeks and months to come? This is the question that fans of this flagship couple of the series are certainly asking themselves since Roxane agreed to join the Sète forensic team under the supervision of Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui).

And to believe the revelations to our microphone of Camille Genau, present a few days ago at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the future looks eventful for the two women, who have been living a beautiful love story for now. almost a year and a half.

“Tomorrow belongs to us, it is never a long quiet river”, admits Camille Genau, who lends his features to Sara Raynaud since the launch of the soap opera on TF1 in July 2017. “I don’t know if we should be worried about the future of the couple, but in any case a lot of things will happen for Sara and Roxane, I can assure you that. It will move quite a bit”.

Even if nothing is confirmed at the moment, everything suggests that these twists will be linked to the arrival of Roxane within the police station, which will have to “collaborate” with his partner, but especially with Aurore (Julie Debazac ), whom she tried to kill last year and who recently discovered her true identity.

Camille Genau is in any case delighted with this development which will allow her to share even more sequences with her privileged playing partner. “With Raphaële, when we met, it was pretty obvious, it immediately matched us”, explains Sara’s interpreter.

Tomorrow belongs to us: "a lot of things will happen for sara and roxane" promises camille genau on tv

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“On a personal level, I am very happy because it means that Raphaële will be there, not very far, much more often. And it’s a good story because, at the base, Roxane was not necessarily to stay in the series. in the end, the character worked very well, and the viewers really liked the couple. So seeing her join the police station is great. And I know that Raphaële is also very happy with this development “.

When asked why, according to her, the Sara-Roxane couple has established themselves so quickly as one of the favorite viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us, Camille Genau assumes that the obvious alchemy between Raphaële Volkoff and she is necessarily there for something. But the young actress also recalls that the positive and normal treatment of the homosexuality of these two characters is not so widespread in fiction and does good in the French audiovisual landscape.

“It’s funny because Raphaële told me a few days ago that at La Sorbonne they talked about the Sara-Roxane couple because apparently it is one of the first couples where the problem of homosexuality is not dealt with. like a problem. We introduced the couple as being two women who were together, quite simply. Everything was very fluid very quickly. And I find that very interesting because usually there is a whole personal conflict of interest in the relationship. family. Is it good or not? How is it perceived? And I find it very good that everything was very fluid in the case of Sara and Roxane “.

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