Tomorrow belongs to us: a disturbing disappearance will plunge the Daunier family into the…

Tomorrow belongs to us a disturbing disappearance will plunge the

A disturbing disappearance will shake the Daunier family during the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain many spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

No time to breathe for the Sète police who will still have their work cut out for them in the coming days in tomorrow belongs to us !

After Amanda’s Revenge (Marion Christian), it is a new dramatic intrigue on the Daunier clan which will begin next week with the disappearance of Régis (Francis Perrin), William’s father (Kamel Belghazi) and Benedict (Honorine Magnier), under mysterious circumstances.

Everything will start with a macabre discovery by Judith (Alice Varela) who will cross the road of an abandoned car whose steering wheel is covered in blood. The police will then quickly mobilize and understand that the vehicle belongs to Régis.

But what was Régis doing in Sète for two weeks without his family even being informed? What happened to him and why was there tension between him and Brigitte (Catherine Jacob) his last weeks? So many questions that the series will have to answer in the rest of the daily.

What is certain is that time is running out, all the more so since at the end of the episode which will be broadcast this evening on TF1, an individual wearing a bloodstained T-shirt will buy lime, an adhesive roller, a tarp and a pickaxe. Was he about to bury a body? And if so, is it possible that it is Régis? Be that as it may, William and Bénédicte’s father is in serious danger.

In a new extract available on the MYTF1 platformthe police are investigating the strange disappearance of Régis and Lisa (Naima Rodric) consults his bank accounts. Obviously, he made a lot of cash withdrawals to the point of even siphoning off the savings of the Daunier couple.

Something to surprise Aurora (Julie Debazac) who knows her in-laws haven’t had any major expenses lately. On the other hand, she remembers that Régis was addicted to gambling and that he was banned from the casino. Lisa wonders then if he would not have reconnected with his old demons. According to her, he could have gone into debt with the wrong person and therefore had serious problems afterwards.

However, Aurore will make revelations that could lead the investigation on a very different track.

Brigitte [a vu Régis] last Friday.” she indicates to her colleague before clarifying, “She would have made a round trip in the day and it turned sour. They argued.”.

If Captain Jacob knows all this, it’s because Brigitte ended up spilling the beans even though “she looked like she regretted saying it“.

A strange behavior that leads Lisa to imagine that Brigitte had discovered that her husband had emptied the accounts. By going to Sète for explanations, things may have degenerated between them.

Brigitte may have a complicated character, but Aurore does not see her physically attacking her husband. Despite everything, Lisa points out to him that this remains a plausible lead. Moreover, the policewoman could be right since Karim will inform them shortly after that the last time that Régis’ phone was limited was Friday at 7:38 p.m. Battery at the time of his disappearance. In fact, Brigitte could be the last person to have seen it…

Should we imagine that Brigitte could have hurt her husband? Does she know of something that she doesn’t dare tell the police? Will the Daunier family be faced with a new tragedy? In any case, William will be certain that he will never see his father alive again…

Case to follow in the coming days on TF1 or on Salto for the most impatient.

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