Tom Cruise: 5 Amazing Things To Know About The Top Gun Star

Tom Cruise turns 60. The opportunity to discuss 5 amazing things in the career of the Hollywood star. Did you know for example that in Japan, a day was dedicated to him?

The feeling of getting old (for us, and no doubt for him) is here and there: Tom Cruise, a true legend of the seventh art, celebrates its 60th birthday! From this Hollywood megastar who has worked with the greatest for more than four decades, returned to the spotlight with Top Gun: Maverickwe know just about everything.

On the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, however, we tried to find 5 amazing things about Tom Cruise, “fun facts” from his career that you may not know. Did you know, for example, that the American actor inspired the Aladdin Disney Studios? That he had directed a serial episode? Or that a day was totally dedicated to him in Japan?


In the animated classic Aladdinthere is a little Tom Cruise ! To create the hero of the Disney animated film released in theaters in 1993, the animators explain that they were influenced by the physique of the Hollywood star, but also by that of Michael J. Fox.

The most amazing? For this same Aladdin and the character of Jasmine, the Disney studios were inspired by the actress Jennifer Connellythe very one who gives the reply to Tom Cruise in the feature film Top Gun: Maverick in theaters now!


Do you know William Mapother ? Aged 57, the American actor is the cousin of Tom Cruise (his father was the brother of that of the star) and he has a nice acting career to his credit. A career obviously less prestigious than that of Tom, but all the same!

Tom Cruise 5 Amazing Things To Know About The Top
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William Mapother is best known for having played on screen Ethan Rom, the surgeon of the “Others” in the cult series Lost. The one who cannot be denied a slight physical resemblance to Tom Cruise (whose real name is, let’s remember, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) also appeared in the credits of feature films In the Bedroom, Operation Swordfish, The Grudge and World Trade Center as well as in the series Mentalist.

Family spirit obliges, William Mapother finally played small roles in several Tom Cruise films such as Magnolia, Mission: Impossible 2 or Minority Report.


We obviously know Tom Cruise the actor, but do you know Tom Cruise the director? If so, then you really are a hardcore fan of the American, the latter having officiated only once behind the camera in more than four decades of career. It was in 1993, for an episode of the Showtime series Fallen Angels.

A collection of black stories set in Los Angeles from the end of World War II to the election of JFK, Fallen Angels has seen big stars shine like Gary Oldman, Laura Dern or Danny Glover. Very nice names also appear in the production, Steven Soderbergh at Alfonso Cuaron Passing by Tom Hanks and, therefore, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is directing the fourth episode of the first season of Fallen Angels. Entitled The Frightening Frammisit is notably driven by Peter Gallagher and Isabella Rossellini.


In more than four decades of career, Tom Cruise has the distinction of never having won an Oscar. However, he was nominated three times at the Hollywood High Mass, in the Best Actor category for Born on July 4 and jerry maguireand Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Magnolia.

Fortunately for him, Tom Cruise did not experience the unpleasant experience of being crowned at the Razzie Awards, this ceremony which “rewards” the worst in the Hollywood industry. The actor has nevertheless been nominated three times, as for the Oscars: in the worst actor category for Cocktail and War of the Worldsand in that of the worst duo on screen for Interview with a Vampireprice shared with a certain brad pitt !


Tom Cruise is a world famous star. But if there is one country that has boundless admiration for him, it is undoubtedly Japan, where the actor has visited on many occasions.

The proof of the love of the Japanese for Tom Cruise? In the Land of the Rising Sun, a day has been dedicated to him since 2006 to thank him for his many visits. So be well aware that if you go to Japan on October 10, you will fall in the middle of Tom Cruise Day!

By the way, why this date of October 10? No doubt because it was on this precise day of the calendar, during the year 2002, that Tom Cruise began filming in Japan for the Last Samurai.

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