Tom and Jerry in New York: a new series that “uses technology as a tool to …

Tom and Jerry in New York a new series that

The new series “Tom and Jerry in New York”, which is none other than the sequel to the film released earlier this year at the cinema, arrives today in France on Boomerang. We met the creator of these new cat and mouse adventures.

After the film Tom and Jerry, released earlier this year in theaters, which saw Tom and Jerry take over New York’s most beautiful hotel, the most legendary cat and mouse in animation are back in a sequel under form of series called simply Tom and Jerry in New York.

Launched this summer in the United States on HBO Max, this crazy animated series, which continues to stage the incessant chases of the two heroes in the streets of New York, arrives this Saturday, October 23 in France at 6.30 p.m. on the Boomerang chain. The opportunity to talk to its creator about the novelties of this revisit of the characters imagined by Hanna Barbera.

AlloCiné: What can we expect with this new series version of the adventures of Tom and Jerry?

Darrell van citters (series creator): Actually, I’ve been working with these characters since about 2013, when we launched a new series called The Tom and Jerry Show. This time, we immersed Tom and Jerry in the crazy world of New York.

This is the first time they have found themselves in an urban environment, in a large, noisy and bustling city. It changes the nature of conflict, with crossroads on crowded New York City streets. We kept Tom and Jerry’s original appearance, while using new technological tools to give them even more life and energy.

How do you explain the success of Tom and Jerry, who seem immortal and never get old?

First of all, there is no language problem with these characters who work almost 100% without dialogue. It’s action comedy. And it is a series which does not include any violence, nor aggressiveness. Tom and Jerry are like two bickering brothers, but without really intending to hurt each other. In any case, not to the point of killing each other.

How far have these characters evolved over the decades?

This season is different from the others. Before, there was a golden rule, it was never to use modern technologies like the laptop or the computer. But now, on the contrary, we use technology as a tool for comedy. We will therefore see them in front of a computer or on a laptop in this new version.

Does Tom and Jerry in New York have more contemporary and topical themes than the previous versions?

I don’t know if we can talk about themes, but what is certain is that the nature of their relationship this time is much more related to the humans of the city than to the various other animals. It is in a way a metaphor for relationships in society, which always go through ups and downs.

Are there any new characters you can tell us about?

Yes, you will notably follow 3 mice which are completely identical and which we introduced a few years ago. They are so funny that they will have a recurring role in this new series. These are mice that come from Bavaria and come to New York as tourists.

Do you have an overall vision for this series in mind? Are you going to take Tom and Jerry elsewhere? In France for example?

If the series meets the hoped-for success, we will obviously continue with more vigor. And the idea is to continue to make them travel, yes. We have already done this by sending them to Japan, Switzerland. And we have plenty of ideas in mind for the future. We would like, among other things, to send them to France and Germany. I hope we can do it in the next season.

Who do you identify with the most: Tom or Jerry?

Like a lot of people, I mostly identify with Jerry. He’s a bit of an outsider, but he’s the one who wins in the end. But I love both characters and it’s a joy for me to participate in this series so full of life and light.