Tokyo Shaking trailer: Karin Viard confronted with the Fukushima disaster

Tokyo Shaking trailer: Karin Viard confronted with the Fukushima disaster

Brigitte Baronnet

Brigitte Baronnet


Passionate about French cinema, adoring to survey festivals, Brigitte Baronnet has been a journalist for AlloCiné for 10 years. She hosts the Spotlight podcast.

Expected in theaters on June 23, 2021, “Tokyo Shaking”, Olivier Peyon’s 5th feature film (“A Life Elsewhere”), unveils its trailer. Karin Viard, immersed in Tokyo, will find himself confronted with the Fukushima disaster …

The pact

Tokyo, March 11, 2011: a tsunami ravages the coast of Japan, threatening to destroy the Fukushima power station. Alexandra, who recently worked for a French bank in Tokyo, finds herself at the heart of this crisis.

Torn between the orders of her management and the desire to protect her family and colleagues, Alexandra tries to come to terms with the situation and finds herself, almost in spite of herself, defending a certain idea of ​​honor.

Here is the starting point of Tokyo Shaking, a new feature film by Olivier Peyon (Une vie Anotherwhere), co-written with Cyril Brody (co-author with Olivier Peyon of the documentary Latifa le coeur au combat).

The trailer is from Tokyo Shaking just unveiled.

On these first images of Tokyo Shaking, we are immediately immersed in the atmosphere of the megalopolis. We discover Karin Viard in immersion, expatriate for her HRD work, and in the throes of having to resort to layoffs. His life was turned upside down when the tsunami struck Tokyo on March 11, 2011.

The cast of Tokyo Shaking is also made up of Stéphane Bak, Yumi Narita, Philippe Uchan and Jean-François Cayrey.

The film’s theatrical release is scheduled for June 23, 2021.

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