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Together that’s all on Chérie 25: who was to play the character of Audrey Tautou?

“Ensemble, c’est tout” is broadcast tonight on Chérie 25. Did you know that Charlotte Gainsbourg was initially planned for the character of Camille (Audrey Tautou)?

An adaptation of Anna Gavalda’s novel of the same name, Ensemble, c’est tout is a dramatic comedy centered on four characters living under one roof. They will learn to tame, get to know each other and then love each other. Camille works as an evening cleaner in the offices and draws gracefully in her spare time. Philibert is a young aristocrat keen on history, shy and lonely, who occupies a large apartment owned by his family. Franck is a cook, virile and tender, he loves his grandmother, Paulette, a fragile and funny old lady.

This film by Claude Berri can count on the talent of Audrey Tautou, Guillaume Canet, Laurent Stocker and Françoise Bertin, whose alchemy works perfectly. However, it is not originally the actress of Amélie Poulain who is planned in the skin of Camille, but Charlotte Gainsbourg. The director directs the latter in The One Rest, The Other Part (2005) and wishes to work with her again. But in early 2006, she broke a vertebra following a fall from a snowboard. The actress must therefore wear a corset day and night for three months. She confided:

“Everything stopped. No more projects, nothing. I was devastated. I had planted a film crew … And I never had so much pain in my life. I was on morphine, every movement made me suffer terribly. My body was trapped in this armor. I had to concentrate to move a few inches. “ *

Ludivine Sagnier and Audrey Tautou are then contacted and the second is chosen. For the character of Franck, Claude Berri immediately thinks of Guillaume Canet, with whom he has wanted to work for a long time. Regarding Philibert, the filmmaker sees a lot of actors before finding Laurent Stocker. Finally, for Paulette, Claude Berri considers in the first place Tsilla Chelton, but things are not done because of her advanced age (insurance companies veto). He then gives an audition to Françoise Bertin, whom he selects immediately.

When it was released in early 2007, Ensemble, c’est tout achieved more than 2.3 million admissions on French soil. It is the biggest success of Claude Berri since Germinal (1993) and its six million entries.

* Source: “Charlotte Gainsbourg, the exquisite sketch” by Fabrice Bellengier, Mareuil Éditions / Paris Match, September 14, 2006, Catherine Schwaab

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