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This week, Disney+ is delighting series fans with a busy program: the sequel to How I Met Your Father, the final chapter of Wu-Tang: An American Saga, an original series with Hilary Swank and new international productions!

If the winter temperatures make you want to stay warm under a plaid in front of your favorite series, Disney+ has enough to fill your watchlist with many new features!

This week, the How I Met Your Father band returns to the platform for the launch of season 2 of the feel-good comedy spinoff of the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In the near future, Sophie (Hilary Duff) tells her son the story of meeting his father. Discover the rest of his love troubles in the 1st episode, available from February 15, before a weekly broadcast.

The third and final season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga is also coming exclusively to Disney+. This final chapter follows the Wu-Tang Clan over five years, after the release of their first album and their irresistible rise to the top. As money, fame and egos threaten to destroy the famous group, the Clan must find a way to hold together and solidify their legacy.

Big surprise for subscribers: the platform has announced the launch of the original series Alaska Daily, produced by Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank, who also plays one of the main roles!

Discover now the 1st episode of this drama which depicts the daily life of an investigative journalist who fell into disgrace after a huge professional misconduct, and is now employed in the editorial staff of a daily newspaper in Alaska. A new episode will air every week until March 15, then from March 29 to April 26.

See you on the Disney+ platform!

Wednesday February 15:

How I Met Your Father – season 2, episode 1

Wu-Tang: An American Saga – season 3, episodes 1 to 3

Alaska Daily – season 1, episode 2

Death on Campus – Season 1

To the Root: Hair Stories – Season 1

Where is Private Dulaney? – season 1

The Great North – season 3, episode 5

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – season 2, episode 8

Wednesday February 15:

Mila in the multiverse – season 1

Prime Time – saison 1

Place Your Bets – Season 2, Episodes 1-3

Wednesday February 15:

Mira, Detective Royale – seasons 1 and 2

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