To see at the cinema: Cocorico with Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon… The biggest comic casting of 2024? –

To see at the cinema Cocorico with Christian Clavier and

To see at the cinema Cocorico with Christian Clavier and

Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon are the headliners this Wednesday in Cocorico, one of the most anticipated comedies of the year. A film that takes an interest in the trend of DNA testing, with surprises and twists and turns!

What is it about ?

About to get married, Alice and François decide to reunite their two families. For the occasion, they have an original gift for their parents: DNA tests so that everyone can discover the origins of their ancestors. But the surprise turns into a fiasco when the Bouvier-Sauvages, a large aristocratic family, and the Martins, much more modest, discover the results, to say the least… unexpected!

Christian Clavier + Didier Bourdon + Les Tuche = Cocorico! This comedy written and directed by Julien Hervé (former author of Guignols, co-author of the Tuche saga and the latest installment of Asterix) brings together for the first time the two actors Didier Bourdon and Christian Clavier.

Bourdon and Clavier had responded to each other in the theater in The Crazy Cage and replaced each other in the cinema (in Les Profs, Clavier plays Cutiro while Bourdon plays the role in the sequel). But until now, the two Kings of French comedy had never shared the bill in the same film. This first confrontation, which will of course spark, can be seen this Wednesday at the cinema.

Quiz – Didier Bourdon or Christian Clavier? Who plays in this movie ?

One of the strong scenes of the film takes place in the cellar of the castle where the plot takes place. This closed-door moment will provide the opportunity for a pass of arms between the two actors. “Each brought me a lot, in ideas, in character construction, I was really very lucky to work with both of them.” underlines the director and screenwriter Julien Hervé, in the press kit.

And added: “Afterwards, in all honesty, you don't direct these great actors much: they are ready, they are fair and they have irreplaceable experience which means they know perfectly what they have to do. Clavier and Bourdon are war machines…

Suddenly, you feel the pressure on your shoulders at the idea of ​​leading this tandem. It's my first film on my own, it's almost scary! They are two professionals and they never made me feel that way on set. […] But I admit that, in my head, it was a bit like the Unknowns facing the Splendid and that's no small thing!

“You are not what you think you are!”

Like a comedy like What We Did to the Good Lord?, this film plays fully on contrasts and opposing social origins.

There are undoubtedly personal but fairly universal things that can be felt by not everyone in the social complex. It’s the principle of the fish out of the aquarium that we also find in “Les Tuche” even if they don’t suffer from it! What initially interests me is telling characters: you are not what you think you are. I then see their reaction by forcing the line a little by choosing characters that were initially completely opposite! Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon play people who are certainly both very French but not at the same level on the social scale. They have things in common but above all enormous differences. It was interesting to confront all this with also a passion for those whom I call the “false cool”. (…)

He pursues : “It makes me laugh to mix this universe with that of another couple apparently less spoiled by life and to whom we say “ultimately, maybe you're not so low on the social scale” and who in turn becomes snobbish in two seconds… It's human nature and it makes me laugh.”

The film's humor also plays on the issue of clichés associated with certain nationalities, such as the Portuguese, the Germans, without forgetting the British.

Marianne Denicourt and Sylvie Testud surround the Clavier-Bourdon tandem. Also note a small role for Patrick Préjean who we enjoy seeing again on screen.

Cocorico is on display this Wednesday February 7, 2024.

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