To all the boys I’ve loved on Netflix: can a fourth movie see the light of day?

If the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Trilogy comes to an end on Netflix, a sequel may well see the light of day, spearheaded by author Jenny Han.

Fans bid farewell to Lara Jean and Peter in To All the Boys 3: Forever and Ever, which Netflix uploaded on February 12. In this third opus, our two lovers decide to go to their higher education each at the other end of the country. While it’s unclear whether their couple survived a long-distance relationship, Jenny Han’s novel doesn’t provide the answer either. We may have to wait for the release of a possible sequel to find our two lovers. In February 2020, actor Noah Centineo made it known in interview that he was ready to shoot in a fourth film, if the author decided to write it. To which she responded on Twitter with a “thinker” emoji (her tweet has since been deleted). Implied: she is not closed to the idea of ​​writing a fourth novel in the To All the Boys collection (as a reminder, she had published Forever and Forever in 2017). Lana Condor and Ross Butler responded to say they were in favor too.

A year later, no news of his book or even of a possible sequel on Netflix. If a novel is ultimately no longer relevant, the American giant could still produce a fourth part, with the help of Jenny Han. We will have to wait for the number of views of the 3rd part and see if the fans ask for a sequel. But Noah Centineo doesn’t seem as optimistic as he did a year ago. In a recent interview with Girlfriend, the actor explains: “[…] I think there is nothing more to say. I am satisfied. I thought of all the ways I could say goodbye to a character, and the way it’s done in the 3rd movie suits me just fine.

To all the boys i've loved on netflix: can a fourth movie see the light of day?

Katie Yu / Netflix

If he seems to have said goodbye to his character, he is not the only one. Interviewed by the same magazine, Lana Condor already imagines their future, beyond the pages and images: “She’s going to be living on her own in New York. I think she’s ready to jump in and find out who she really is. I hope she’s into publishing or something around literature. […]. I know in my heart that they are going to end up together, get married and be there for each other. […] I think she’ll find a job in a publisher box and eventually find it.

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