To All the Boys 3 on Netflix: How Does The Trilogy End?

Netflix has finally released To All the Boys 3: Forever and Ever, the final installment of the trilogy adapted from the eponymous novels. So how does it end? Warning for spoilers.

This article obviously contains spoilers on the third part.

Three years after the release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved, Netflix posted the very last part of the trilogy dedicated to the loves of Lara Jean (Lana Condor) this Friday. Fans were warned from the start that three feature films were planned since they adapt the literary saga Jenny Han. In Forever and Forever, Lara Jean and Peter (Noah Centineo) are still in a relationship but are at a crossroads: the high school student dreams of being able to do her higher studies with him, but her heart swings between two universities.

The New York Call

We know from the previous opus, Peter won a scholarship at Stanford while Lara Jean awaits a positive response from the prestigious university. After a bit of suspense, she finds out she hasn’t been taken. If the morale of the couple takes a hit, the high school student decides to fall back on Berkeley, which is an hour away by car. It’s decided, she will do her first year there and then change universities. But a school trip to New York folds all the cards: Lara Jean is amazed by the city, its colors, its life… and its university. It is also there that Gen (Emilija Baranac), her former best friend, will study. When she learns that she has also been accepted to NYU, she hesitates to jeopardize her relationship and her life plans.

The prom

Who says last year, says prom. Christine agrees to go with Trevor (Ross Butler), to accompany Lara Jean and Peter. The latter is also elected king, but not our heroine. Back home, LJ decides to give Kavinsky a box of memories, to prove to him that their story will not suffer from distance. The young woman then makes him understand that she wants to sleep with him but Peter stops her, because he feels that something is wrong. Lara Jean then confesses to him that she decided to choose NYU and that they will therefore each study at the other end of the country. Betrayed, Peter chooses to break up with her …

To all the boys 3 on netflix: how does the trilogy end?

Katie Yu / Netflix

A wedding in the air

There is also love in the air for Lara Jean’s father, who decides to propose to Trina. The latter accepts and offers to organize it in the garden. Lara Jean asks Peter not to come if they are really separated. At the end of the marriage and while everyone is gone, Lara Jean finds the Terminale album, in which Peter left her a note: he declares his love for her and reveals to her that he has a crush on her. since elementary school. The young man then enters the room to apologize and reassure her that their couple will hold out despite the distance, “forever and ever”.

After graduation, our two lovers take off on their own … The viewer does not know if their story worked, even if Lana Condor is convinced that they end up together. In an interview with Girlfriend, the actress replied: “I know in my heart that they will end up together, get married and be there for each other. […] I think she will find a job in a publishing box and eventually find it“.

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