Titans on Netflix: Vincent Kartheiser investigated for inappropriate behavior on set

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In the cast of season 3 of Titans, which has just started airing on HBO Max, Vincent Kartheiser is being investigated for behavior deemed inappropriate during filming.

Vincent Kartheiser – known for his role of troubled Pete Campbell in Mad Men – finds himself at the heart of a controversy. He is under investigation for multiple inappropriate behavior during the filming of season 3 of Titans, according to our colleagues from Deadline.

Vincent Kartheiser has joined Season 3 of the DC superhero-centric series. He plays the antagonist Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, an inmate of Arkham Asylum who terrorized Gotham City by using toxins to exploit the phobias of his enemies.

Childish behavior

According to a person close to the production, the actor was initially the subject of a complaint for what was described as disruptive, childish behavior and inappropriate comments.

These allegations were investigated by Warner Bros. TV’s labor relations department, which questioned the parties concerned. Investigations were conducted remotely due to Covid protocols which did not allow Burbank-based investigators to visit the series set in Toronto.

It was concluded that Vincent Kartheiser’s actions did not warrant his dismissal from the series, but corrective action. A second complaint was filed a few weeks later, which led WBTV to appoint a representative to monitor activities on the set. WBTV representatives declined to comment.

Put aside?

Season 3 kicked off with three episodes airing August 12 on HBO Max and it looks like the incident has impacted the channel’s communications. Indeed, Vincent Kartheiser does not appear on the official poster of the season. He also did not participate in his promotional campaign.

Vincent Kartheiser vehemently denies the allegations“Said a spokesperson for the actor.”Warner Bros. investigated this matter and made it clear to Mr. Kartheiser their expectations for behavior on set, and he agreed to abide by their directions.

It is not yet known whether the character of Jonathan Crane is destined to return in the following season …

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