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In the columns of Première, Julia Ducournau, director of “Titane”, speaks for the first time about the after Palme d’Or and reveals an unprecedented anecdote about the jury, which she describes as “pure act of female solidarity”.

Titanium: julia ducournau confides in the after palme d'or - cinema news

In a long interview for the magazine First, to be found in the September issue, Julia Ducournau, screenwriter and director of Titane, looks back on some of the highlights that followed the Palme d’Or, and how she experienced the ceremony full of twists and turns!

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The filmmaker says a little more about the reception of the jury and behind the scenes that she had not yet shared until today. She reveals what happened the evening following the ceremony, a “pure act of female solidarity”:

All the women of the jury came to see me throughout the evening to tell me, each in their own way: “Julia, be sure we didn’t give you this award because you’re a woman. “And that touched me enormously, because it was a pure act of feminine solidarity. They put themselves in my shoes and understood that the slightest doubt about it could have ruined everything. It was five very beautiful ones. moments – since there were five women in that jury (…) Only a woman can really understand the need to tell another woman, and I would really like to publicly thank all five for this gesture.“, she explains in Première.

The jury wanted to tell me that it was not a political Palme

This prize goes against a somewhat established form of academism, which can be pleasant, even when you are not crazy about Titanium … I think I understood, by discussing a little with the members of the jury, that they wanted to reward the energy of the film and its refusal of academicism, precisely. “And to add:”It made me happy because I have always thought of Titanium as a sensory and bodily experience offered to the viewer. It’s not a classic grand story. It seems that the members of the jury really lived the experience. In any case, they wanted to tell me that it was not a political Palm. “

Julia Ducournau also looks back on her speech and the reactions she has received since. A speech that was “writes all alone at a café terrace in Marseille“,”scribbled half-crying“; because she “could not believe having a price“.

They talk to me a lot [de ce discours], she continues. We all feel like monsters at heart. We have all felt at one time, in one place, rejected by a group, a corporation, a family, society. It was a formula intended for people who love horror cinema, of course, but not only … (…) If my film could speak to them in this intimate and fragile place, then my work will have taken on its full significance. sense“.

Julia Ducournau’s speech in Cannes: “Thank you to the Jury for letting the monsters in”

After this price, how does she see what will happen next? “Receiving the Palme d’Or at 37 is … how to put it? Soderbergh, who received her at 25 for her first film, said a great thing when receiving her award: “Well now I can only do worse!” That feeling went through me, that’s for sure, and it will come through me again. And I can tell you that she is terrifying. So the only thing I can do now is just walk forward like nothing has happened. If I become too aware of these elements, I will only be able to do less well, as Soderbergh would say.

An interview to be found in full in the September issue of Première. Titanium is currently playing.

Titanium: the interview with Julia Ducournau and Agathe Rousselle

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