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Director James Cameron recently revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio has no motivation at all to star in ‘Titanic’. Find out why!

As surprising as it may seem, Leonardo DiCaprio originally had no desire to play in Titanic. This is the astonishing revelation made recently by director James Cameron at the micro du site People.

Cameron, whose Avatar: The Waterway is a hit around the world, says it was not easy to convince the young actor to embark on the adventure. “Leonardo didn’t want to be a headliner”declared the Canadian filmmaker during the last edition of the Golden Globes. “I really had to twist his arm to get him in the movie. He didn’t want to do it. He thought it would be boring.”

Leonardo DiCaprio will finally agree to play the character of Jack Dawson, seduced by the “challenge difficile” sold by a Cameron who is full of praise for the comedian. “The many genuine choices he made in his career didn’t surprise me”concludes the director. “I never doubted his talent.”

Titanic, which has just been released in theaters, is the third biggest box office success of all time worldwide with nearly $2.2 billion in box office receipts. But for how much longer? The feature film with eleven Oscars is indeed closely followed by Avatar: The Way of the Water.

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