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Almost twenty-three years after its theatrical release, “Titanic” by James Cameron continues to fascinate millions of spectators, like this Mexican Internet user who shared his crazy theory on the cult character played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Everything has already been said about Titanic, James Cameron’s epic masterpiece. Or almost. Since its release in January 1998, the film has smashed all possible and imaginable records. Even today, it continues to unleash passions, even to the point of heating up people’s minds around debates of all kinds. The first is based on the eternal question: “Was there room for two on the floating door?“. A sensitive subject for some, become boring for others, which continues to be the subject of absurd mathematical diagrams and calculations on the Web. On the side of theories, titanic has long stimulated the overflowing imagination of a handful of viewers, rather science fiction fans, who made Jack Dawson a traveler from the future to save his soul mate, Rose, from his suicide attempt.

The latest theory comes from a Mexican internet user. The latter explains, in a series of tweets published in Spanish at the beginning of July, that Jack was only the fruit of the imagination of the wealthy passenger, survivor of the tragedy. All this, with arguments and supporting evidence, enough to make his interpretation rather plausible. Explanations.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic” by James Cameron.

To understand this theory, we must begin with the anachronisms. As the two heroes of the film take a walk on the deck of the boat the day after their meeting, Jack shares some memories of his childhood with Rose, such as the ice fishing sessions with his father, on Lake Wissota, in the State of Wisconsin. However, Lake Wissota was only created in 1917, five years after the disaster, thanks to the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Chippewa Falls River. Another example is when Jack promises Rose to take her on the Santa Monica Bay roller coaster. However, this attraction was only installed four years later, in 1916. The Internet user is surprised that James Cameron, well known for his attention to detail and his perfectionism, makes so many mistakes around the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fantasize to better survive?

Would Rose have fabricated a happy memory from scratch to overcome the trauma of the drama? It happens that people who are victims of post-traumatic stress use mechanisms to better protect themselves. This is explained by the author of this theory who recalls that the whole story is told from the point of view of the old woman. The latter even details moments when she was not physically present, such as the exchanges between the members of the crew, or those between Cal and Jack. It is, moreover, impossible to verify whether he really set foot on the Titanic since he won his ticket, which was in the name of another person, during a poker game. As for the characters who might have met him, many died when Rose broke the silence, like “the unsinkable Molly Brown“, played by Kathy Bates. At the end of the movie, theheroine herself explains that in the absence of a photo, her great love “only exists in [sa] memory“.

The only downside: the drawing of Rose made by the young artist, the only proof of his passage on the liner. In his demonstration, the Internet user makes an error by asserting that the portrait is not signed by Jack and that it could have been made by anyone. However, we find the initials “J.D.” at the bottom right of Iartwork. If the theory makes it possible to see the film in another way, everyone is free to make their own interpretation. As for James Cameron, not sure that he totally adheres to the concept.

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