Titanic: the little detail hidden on the clock at the end of the film

Titanic: the little detail hidden on the clock at the end of the film

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As James Cameron’s unsinkable “Titanic” airs tonight on C8, let’s take a look at a little detail you might not have noticed in the film’s very last shot.

SPOILERS – Warning, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you do not want to know the content, please do not read the following …

We are at the end of Titanic. Broadcast this evening on C8, the legendary blockbuster of James Cameron ends peacefully after having kept us in suspense for more than three hours. Almost a hundred years old, Rose has just returned the Heart of the Ocean to the sea, and quietly falls asleep, surrounded by the memories that have marked her long life.

Is she dreaming? Or does she join in the afterlife all the missing from the Titanic? Still, she suddenly finds herself walking the grand staircase of the liner, greeted by the former passengers and by her beloved Jack, who is waiting for her just under the clock.

Touching and cheerful, this sequence ends in a very nice way the feature film by James Cameron. But did you notice that it contained a little hidden detail?

Indeed, if you take a look at the hands of the clock, you will notice that they indicate 2 hours and 20 minutes. A moment that was not chosen at random, since it is very precisely the hour at which the Titanic sank under the waves, less than three hours after hitting the iceberg.

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