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During the press conference of the 25th anniversary of “Titanic”, James Cameron returned to the end of the film.

Titanic hit theaters 25 years ago. Besides the debate around the board, which has animated fans for a quarter of a century (would Jake have survived if Rose had let him on his board?), another question remains unanswered.

Does Rose (then 101 years old) die at the end of the film, after throwing the Heart of the Ocean into the sea?

“In Titanic, Jack could have survived, but…”: James Cameron reflects on the end of his film

If for the interpreters of the characters, Gloria Stuart (Aged Rose) and Kate Winslet, the answer is yes because this end is more romantic, James Cameron remains vague on the answer.

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Gloria Stuart

During the press conference for the film’s theatrical release this Wednesday, February 8, the filmmaker said: “During filming, Gloria Stuart, who plays Rose at the end of her life, asked me: “So, James, am I dead or alive in this scene?”. And I told him that I wanted this scene to be ambiguous.

She then asked me if she should hold her breath or not and I replied “Yes, that’s it. Hold your breath”. It really is the perfect timing that I wanted for this movie.”

James Cameron wishes to keep the ambiguity of this scene but this answer nevertheless leaves little room for doubt and this end is indeed the most romantic.

Thus, Rose fulfills the promise made to Jack years before: “To live to be 100 and die warm in bed.”

A thesis that the reunion of the young Rose with Jack in the ballroom of the Titanic, at the end of the film, would attest. As if the young man had patiently awaited the arrival in the afterlife of his sweetheart.

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Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio

A spiritual experience

James Cameron comments on this scene: ” We see Rose and Jack reunited in the afterlife. A whole separate life to finally find themselves in death… Or, is it in the romantic imagination of Rose, who at 101 remembers Jack and those feelings that are never extinguished?

The nuance of interpretation of this final moment is up to the viewer of the film. Everyone sees in it the end they want to see and believe. It’s almost a spiritual experience.

We are all human beings in search of spiritual experiences, in search of Love. We cannot imagine living apart from those we love, losing a loved one. In the end, Titanic is a spiritual journey where everyone can find what they are looking for.”

The filmmaker therefore continues to cast the mystery and the end of this masterpiece remains open to interpretations.

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