Titanic, Avengers or Avatar: who is the real world box office champion? – Cinema news


Two months after its release, has Avatar 2 become the new ruler of the global box office? We take stock!

In 2009, Avatar broke all records, quickly becoming the biggest box office hit worldwide. Is the work still the queen of greenbacks 13 years after its release? Was she dethroned by her sequel, The Way of Water? We take stock!

With its budget of around $240 million, Avatar is one of the most expensive feature films in the history of cinema. It is also the record holder for box office receipts with $2.923 billion internationally.

At the time, James Cameron’s feature film had surpassed Titanic in just 6 weeks of operation. This record will be broken 10 years later by Avengers Endgame. The superhero film will remain number 1 for two years before being dethroned again by Avatar, which regains the lead thanks to a re-release in China.

With 2.799 billion dollars garnered, the Marvel blockbuster secures a solid second place ahead of Titanic (2.194 billion). However, Avatar’s record should be put into perspective given inflation and ticket prices, particularly for 3D and IMAX screenings, which pushed up the rating.

Indeed, if inflation is taken into account, the greatest success in the history of cinema is Gone with the Wind with receipts equivalent to 3.728 billion dollars. Avatar is second with 3.273 billion, ahead of Titanic (3.099 billion).

After two months of operation, Avatar 2 has risen to 4th place in the rankings with 2.176 billion greenbacks! It’s swooping down on Titanic, which should be overtaken shortly.

However, the feature film benefits from an exceptional release to celebrate its 25th anniversary, enough to earn it a few more dollars to resist the La Voie de l’eau tsunami.

James Cameron can thus boast of having 3 films in the Top 5 of the biggest successes in the history of cinema! Will Avatar 2 seek the record of the first opus? It seems complicated but everything is still playable. Note that 5th place is now occupied by Star Wars The Force Awakens with 2.071 billion.

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