Titanic: 10 incredible anecdotes to place during the movie

Titanic: 10 incredible anecdotes to place during the movie

A James Cameron cameo, a gigantic set, a shot upside down … As “Titanic” airs tonight on C8, here are 10 anecdotes to tell during the film to impress your friends.

The real wreck of the Titanic can be seen in the movie

1. You can see the real wreck of the Titanic in the movie.

When Brock Lovett’s (Bill Paxton) team descends 4000 meters to explore the Titanic, some of the images that can be seen on the screen belong to the actual wreck, which has been visited several times by James Cameron.

These few shots of the real liner, filmed using a special camera (capable of withstanding considerable pressure), were completed via studio models, and an underwater setting for the interior shots of the wreck.

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While the legendary Titanic is broadcast tonight on C8, why not (re) discover the monument of James cameron by shedding light on some little filming secrets? A cameo from the director during the famous scene of the drawing, a plan for 1 million dollars when the liner goes to sea, an error corrected years later by the production of the film … Here are 10 anecdotes to share together in front of the unsinkable long footage.

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