Tips on Social and Physical Distancing While You Are Shopping

Tips on Social and Physical Distancing While You Are Shopping

Almost more than half of the world is on lockdown to forestall the spread of deadly disaster called Coronavirus. Though it has been continuously resulting in a great loss to humanity there are many day-to-day activities that cannot be barricaded. One such activity is shopping for your essentials. It is just that there would be some minor but mandatory changes in the style of your shopping for time being.

We bring you a shortlist of some useful tips that will be a great help to you on maintaining physical distance when you are out to purchase requisite foods and items and necessary medical supplies.

Social and Physical Distancing
Social and Physical Distancing

1) Maintain a distance of 2 meters from consumers & staff members

Give a clear vision about the outdoor route to and from your shops along with the indoor route of the shop as well. This will enable you to manage the required distance and prevent them from forming a gang. Do not crowd together to access the commodities of fridges and freezers. Let one complete with the hand task and then make a move.

While shopping, maintain a safe distance from the staff of the shop as well. Have patience and wait for your turn. In spite of all these, few things cannot be ignored. Like, it is but obvious to get in contact with many such surfaces that have already been used and touched by many other people like pin pads and self-checkouts. In such a case, restrain touching your eyes, nose or mouth and make sure to wash your hands at the earliest.

There are many shops that are ensuring the use of hand sanitizer at the time of check-in and check out. They are also keeping a check on the cleaning of baskets and trolleys as soon as used by customers.

2) Avoid grouping and choose to shop alone

If you strictly avoid shopping in groups and go alone at the store, it will automatically cut down the number of persons inside the shop thereby initiating the purpose of physical & social distancing. Exceptions will always prevail and are considered like single parents have no choice to leave small children alone at home but still try your best to shop alone as much as possible. This step of each one of you will contribute a lot in controlling the spread of this deadly disease.

Recall: Studies mark it a point that coronavirus prevails in the body of a human for five days before showing up any symptoms and they might result in spreading it unknowingly till that time.

3) Purchase only & only the essential items

The announcement of lockdown surely makes you worried about not being able to move outside for 14 days and the first thing that will strike to your mind is to overstock the food and requisite supplies. But panic-purchasing is no good for anybody.

At the time of lockdown, make it a point to only and only purchase the essential items that you actually require. This will prevent the inadequacy of foods and other items that are actually the need for one and all. In addition, there are reports which show a rising graph in the wastage of food items due to being overstocked and not being able to use it within the time. So, purchase only what you need and this will fulfill the needs of all.

4) Consider the hours specified for specific persons

There are many stores and supermarkets that have intellectually decided to keep certain timings reserved for a few specific persons like the senior citizens, the community workers and the ones with inherent health conditions. The reason is that they are trying to protect themselves from the infection caused due to the vulnerability to the virus. Though it is a tough task to implement but being a responsible native, consider these specific hours and refrain yourself coming into the contact with these specified persons.

5) Make the maximum use of delivery services

The lesser the people are outside; the rarer is the probability of this disease getting spread. Try to make the maximum use of delivery services as and whenever possible, because this will automatically make you stay indoors and avoid you from stepping outdoors. Moreover, this will also initiate social & physical distancing thereby preventing the disease to spread further. It will also lessen the worries of scientists, leaders, and politicians in regard to the alarming situation of the country and won’t affect the health services adversely.

Since you have read this, we expect you to understand the criticality and stringently adhere to all the above methods of social and physical distancing. Now is the time that we have been left with no choice, so it’s better to follow them and stay safe!

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