Tick ​​Tick Boom! on Netflix: Andrew Garfield in one of his best movies? – News …

Andrew Garfield returns to the top of his form and his art with Tick Tick Boom !, an ode to Jonathan Larson, to time passing and to a lost youth. A magnificent film directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What is it about ?

As he approaches his 30s, a promising young composer juggles love, friendship and the desire to achieve something grand before it’s too late.

Who is it with?

He was scarce on our screens, choosing his projects sparingly. Andrew Garfield makes his comeback in Tick Tick … Boom! by slipping into Jonathan Larson’s clothes. If the actor leaves little room for the other actors because he is so sunny, we still take pleasure in seeing on the screen, Alexandra Shipp, Vanessa Hudgens, MJ Rodriguez or even Judith Light. Everything is done by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton).

Well worth a look ?

Jonathan Larson. You probably don’t know his name, and yet this creative genius dubbed by Sondheim himself has signed one of the greatest musicals of decades: Rent. An ode to time, to lost youth and affected by disease (AIDS), to bohemian life.

Larson will never know the success of his play, will not recover the several Tony Awards he won on stage, or the Pulitzer Prize given posthumously. Broke at the age of 35 the very morning of Rent’s first performance, he is a talent that left too early.

Tick ​​Tick … Boom! tells us his story. Before Rent, before awards, before recognition. He’s just an author living in a run-down New York building struggling to make ends meet. He is inspired by what surrounds him to write his music. He is also actively working on Superbia, a decidedly rock and futuristic musical inspired by Orwell’s 1984.

If his play will not reach Broadway despite good encouragement, this failure will inspire his next play: Tick Tick Boom !, a monologized show which will give its title to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s film.

Tick ​​tick boom! On netflix: andrew garfield in one of his best movies? - news...
Macall Polay / Netflix

And that’s what this new Netflix production is also: the monologue of a man terrified of the passing of time. Andrew Garfield is exceptional in this game. And although he is present in almost every scene, the actor manages to go from one extreme to the other. As much at ease in singing as in dance, in humor and drama, he delivers here one of the best performances of his already brilliant career.

Like Rent, who recounts the ravages of AIDS in 90s New York, Tick Tick Boom! is an unpretentious film, with a heart, which pushes us to refocus on the essential. The actors do justice to the songs written by Jonathan Larson 30 years ago.

And it is clear that the words still hit the mark today, and that they continue to move. Special mention to “Louder Than Words” which you can discover below (performed by Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens and Joshua Henry).

As for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was expected at the turn, he passed the challenge brilliantly. For his first real achievement, the man of the theater does not disappoint and offers in Tick Tick Boom! quite impressive tables. Its actors – Garfield and Alexandra Shipp in the lead – seem to flourish in front of his camera. The filmmaker has also allowed himself a little cameo and appealed for a scene to several of his friends including Renée Elise Goldsberry and Phillipa Soo from Hamilton and Daphne Rubin-Vega that we saw this summer. in Where we come from.

Musical comedies or not, you will fall in love with this film which we will definitely hear about in the coming months.

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