Thunder Force on Netflix: what is this superheroic comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer?  - Cinema News

Thunder Force on Netflix: what is this superheroic comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer? – Cinema News

When Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play the superheroines, it results in “Thunder Force”, a fantasy comedy available on Netflix since April 9.


After the invention of a formula that gives superpowers to ordinary people, two childhood friends who have become improbable superheroines unite to brave crime.

“Thunder Force” directed by Ben Falcone – Available on Netflix since April 9


Little known on this side of the Atlantic, actor and director Ben Falcone signs his fifth feature film. And like the previous ones, Thunder Force is worn by his wife Melissa McCarthy. The concept of this fantastic comedy is also reminiscent of that of Paul Feig’s Spy, in its way of approaching a genre (espionage in 2015, superheroes this year) by entrusting the leading roles to actors who have too little right to it in Hollywood blockbusters.

Here are Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer. After having lost sight of each other for several years, their characters, childhood friends, find themselves as the election campaign for mayor of Chicago is in full swing. The first works on construction sites and the second runs a company whose research laboratory has finally managed to develop a formula for acquiring superpowers.

Because the story takes place in a world where the Earth was hit by a huge cosmic ray in 1983, and it gave powers to some of its inhabitants. Problem is, all the lucky ones were genetically predisposed to psychopathy, and one of them even caused the death of Emily’s parents (Octavia Spencer). Thanks to the fruit of her research, she is therefore in a position to counter this permanent threat. And the film hijacks one of the codes of the narratives of the genre, where the arrival of the villains is generally made consecutively to that of the heroes.


After Mantis in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Pom Klementieff plays a villain in “Thunder Force”

All with a lot of humor, because there is more comedy than fantasy. Especially when Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) learns to master her powers and the great strength at her disposal, with the damage that one imagines and the outspokenness of the actress. And the latter is surrounded by a cast of solid supporting roles: Melissa Leo, the Frenchie Pom Klementieff escaped from the MCU to play the super-villains, Bobby Cannavale (seen in Superintelligence, previous film by Ben Falcone) or Jason Bateman.

Eight years after Pay Per View, the actor reunites with Melissa McCarthy and their shared scenes are among the most unexpected, as they take this fantasy comedy to another realm. It is better, of course, not to know too much to be surprised. And who knows if we won’t find them in a possible sequel? Because the door remains open after this introduction which reminds us that we are not born a hero, but that we become one.

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