Thugs on VICE TV: 7 heist movies based on real life

On VICE TV, Voyous: stories that end well, tells the story of ex-bandits, starting with that of François Troukens, ex-robber turned director of the award-winning “Killers”, based on a true story. Selection of 7 films of the genre.

Killers - françois troukens (2017)

1. Killers – François Troukens (2017)

Released in 2017, Killers is the first feature film by François Troukens. A film which he had started writing in 2012 with Jacques-Henri and Olivier Bronckart, but which he was forced to interrupt in December 2013 to return to prison for 7 months. The main plot of the scenario is based on the case of the Brabant Killers, a series of crimes perpetrated from 1982 to 1985 by a commando of killers during several robberies. Killers follows Frank Valken (Olivier Gourmet), who, while carrying out a heist, faces these assassins who execute all the witnesses, including the magistrate who was investigating the case. 30 years after his arrest, the thief will escape to prove his innocence….

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Check out Rogue: Stories that End Well, starting February 17 on VICE TV. The first episode is available in replay and on myCANAL.

This February 17, VICE TV is launching Rogue: Stories that End Well. Presented by Saidou Lee, a VTC driver who describes himself as “narrowly caught”, this new documentary series shines its spotlight on portraits of converted ex-bandits. 45-minute stories during which these men tell without filter how they traded their life as an outlaw for a completely different route. And it’s Francois Troukens, passed from behind bars to behind the camera, which opens this collection of testimonies as astonishing as they are authentic, in a first episode to say the least fascinating.

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It is in his production offices (a refurbished former police station) that the man nicknamed “the biggest robber in Belgium” welcomes Saidou Lee. François Troukens, 50, marked banditry before making a name for himself in the cinematographic landscape, in particular thanks to his film Killers, presented at the Venice Film Festival 2017 and winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature Film 2018 at the Festival du premier film francophone de La Ciotat. From his work as a bodyguard to the click that prompted him to commit his first robbery, from his incredible heist in a bank to his climb of the steps of Cannes while he was on the run, François Troukens retraces his incredible destiny while highlighting his lifelong passion for the seventh art. The one who quotes Jean-Pierre Melville, Michael mann, Kathryn Bigelow or David McKenzie as references invites us in particular to discover Brabant, this Belgian province where the so-called Brabant killings took place in the 1980s. A series of robberies he witnessed and which makes up the narrative basis of his film Killers. Like him, many feature films of the genre find their inspiration in reality. Heat, 11.6, Mesrine…: Review in our slideshow.

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