Threat to Kermadec on France 2: what is the TV movie worth with Claire Keim and Samy Naceri? -…

France 2 is broadcasting this evening “Menace sur Kermadec”, a TV movie with Claire Keim, David Kammenos, Axel Mandron, and Samy Naceri. This police unit full of humor, shot in Morbihan, does he manage to stand out from other fictions of the genre?

What is it about ?

Kermadec is a quiet little fishing village on the Brittany coast… As the local gendarmes like to say, “almost nothing ever happens in Kermadec”. At least until we find a brave teacher thrown off a cliff in the middle of the night and his poor wife, town clerk, cruelly murdered at home with a punch.

Bad luck for Captain Marie Bréguet, about to be transferred. And while the threat level on Kermadec is at its height, Marie crosses paths with that of a newcomer to the village, the handsome and mysterious Franck Servigne. This one does not leave Marie indifferent. But she realizes that the latter may well be involved in this double murder…

Friday February 4 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

In the credits in 2021 of the television films Harcelés and Le Furet, Claire Keim, who no longer needs an introduction after Zodiac, Infidèle, Les Edelweiss, or Eternelle, is back on television with Menace sur Kermadec, a police unit in which she embodies the gendarmerie captain Marie Bréguet.

Facing her, viewers will recognize David Kammenos, seen in Falco, The Last Wave, and the collection Les Brumes du souvenir, who here lends his features to Franck Sevigne, the mysterious stranger who will turn Marie’s life upside down in more than one way. title.

Two pretty headliners alongside whom we find in particular Samy Naceri, the star of the Taxi saga, as well as the young Lilea Le Borgne, seen in La Traque, and Axel Mandron, spotted in the France TV teen series Slash Girlsquad.

Threat to kermadec on france 2: what is the tv movie worth with claire keim and samy naceri? -...

Well worth a look ?

Do not be fooled by its Breton-sounding title and its postcard setting, because Menace sur Kermadec, which was filmed last September in Morbihan, Quiberon and its surroundings, finally manages to pull out of the game and to stand out (a little) from all the TV movies from the “Meurtres à…” collection dear to France Télévisions.

Indeed, if the police intrigue – based on settling of accounts, diamond trafficking, and protected witness – does not really revolutionize the genre, the screenplay by Tigran Rosine (Cassandre) and Florent Meyer (Zone blanche, Amour fou ) manages to surprise us with his humor which would almost at times give airs of black comedy to Bruno Garcia’s TV movie (To Find You, Storm Warning) and his Hitchcockian winks.

We also remember this muscular face to face between Claire Keim and David Kammenos during a sequence which does not lack spice and translates on its own all the sexual tension which exists between the two main characters. Is a love story possible between them? Or is Franck really the murderer that Marie is constantly looking for? Expect a few surprises there.

Threat to kermadec on france 2: what is the tv movie worth with claire keim and samy naceri? -...

Beyond a fairly classic investigation, it is therefore above all for its characters and its interpreters that Menace sur Kermadec is worth the detour.

Claire Keim and David Kammenos bring a great energy and a good dose of comedy to their tandem, which turns around, constantly searches for each other, and winks in a rather amusing way. While the interpreter of the heroine also enjoys a nice chemistry with Axel Mandron, a young actor who also manages to pull out of the game in the role of Yassine, Marie’s policeman teammate.

Finally, note the presence in a small role of Samy Naceri, whom it is appreciable to find on screen, and who seems to have a lot of fun with his not necessarily very recommendable rogue score, who will disturb the tranquility of Kermadec the time of a few sequences.

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