Thor Ragnarok on TF1: by the way, what does Ragnarok mean?

Thor Ragnarok on TF1: by the way, what does Ragnarok mean?

“Thor: Ragnarok”, the super-heroic feature film from Marvel Studios, is broadcast this Sunday evening on TF1. The opportunity to explain to you what the famous term Ragnarök means in Norse mythology.

In Thor: Ragnarok, the superhero played by Chris Hemsworth tries to prevent the ruthless Hela from accomplishing the Ragnarok, namely the destruction of her world and the end of Asgardian civilization. While the Marvel feature film released in theaters in 2017 is broadcast this Sunday evening on TF1, we explain in more detail what this term means in Norse mythology.

Thor ragnarok on tf1: by the way, what does ragnarok mean? - cinema news
Thor ragnarok on tf1

In Scandinavian mythology, the Ragnarök (which is spelled correctly with an umlaut) refers to a prophetic end of the world destroying many deities, including Odin, Loki and Thor, as well as almost all humans. Ragnarök does not only cause death, since it also gives rise to several natural disasters. Still according to mythology, it is followed by a rebirth led by the surviving gods and a human couple.

The theme of Ragnarök has been used repeatedly in popular culture, most notably with opera The Ring of Nibelung by the German Richard Wagner. In the cinema, if he is therefore at the center of Thor: Ragnarok, he is also a major element of the film Erik the Viking directed and played by the Monty Python Terry Jones. Finally, we note the influence of Ragnarök in video games, in particular the cult series of Final fantasy, where he gives his name to a sword, a ship and a monster.

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