Thor: Love and Thunder – why should we see Taika Waititi’s film in IMAX? – News…

Love, action and above all thunder… All the elements are there to make the latest addition to the MCU the hit of the summer. Even if it means living a truly epic experience, you might as well do it in the best conditions: in IMAX!

Thor: love and thunder - why should we see taika waititi's film in imax? - news...

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A film shot for IMAX!

The god of thunder returns for a 4th installment with Thor: Love and Thunder, to discover now in theaters! It’s once again to Taika Waititi that the Marvel studio entrusted the production of this opus, 5 years after the success of Thor: Ragnarok. And as for the previous one, this one has chosen to shoot its most spectacular sequences in the format that is inseparable from the greatest films, in IMAX. Filmed with digital cameras certified by IMAX, the feature film thus offers more than 35 minutes in the ultra-extensive and immersive ratio of 1.90:1.

After the confrontation against Thanos, the adventures alongside Star-Lord and his acolytes are no longer enough to satisfy the son of Odin. Joined by Mighty Thor, his ex-girlfriend, Korg and Valkyrie, Thor and his fine team must face the terrible Gorr, who threatens to kill all the gods of the universe… The title role is always perfectly held by Chris Hemsworthsupported by the return of Tessa Thompsonas well as Natalie Portman. But it’s good Christian Bale who bursts the screen, in the dark and unexpected role of the big villain.

Breathtaking images

The film sets a sumptuous setting from the outset. Here we are propelled into a mysterious desert, where we could almost feel the specks of dust strangling us… IMAX allows immediate immersion in the story of Gorr and his cursed sword. The definition and the IMAX color palette allow spectators to truly immerse themselves in its dark soul. Thus, an action sequence entirely in black and white becomes a sensory experience in its own right, of which we do not miss a single crumb.

Whether we visit a miraculous city sheltering the deities of the universe, or cross the interstellar void towed by giant goats, the feature film is teeming with details made to be seen on an IMAX screen, which offers a ratio of 26% more images than in traditional rooms.

A soundtrack entirely designed for IMAX

If the perfectly calibrated audio for each room makes it possible to truly feel each blow struck by the Stormbreaker or by Mjölnir, the hero’s fetish weapons, the soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino is all the more appreciable, in its power and its delicacy.

The vibrant sound of the IMAX system thus allows you, whatever your place in the room, to enjoy the slightest note as well as the most powerful clap of thunder, with surgical precision. Indeed, each IMAX film benefits from a complete remastering under the direction of the director, in order to best respect his creative vision.

Ready for the big leap?

So, ready to follow Thor’s quest in the IMAX theater nearest you? Whether for its 26% more images, its fascinating visual sequences or its vibrant and perfectly mastered audio, such an adventure can only be experienced with IMAX.

Only the most innovative cinematic experience in the world allows you to truly immerse yourself in Thor: Love and Thunder, and we want more!

Book your place now for Thor: Love and Thunder in IMAX. To learn more about IMAX technology, it’s this way !

Find Thor: Love and Thunder in the 17 IMAX® theaters in France:
Pathé La Villette (Paris)
Gaumont Disney Village
Pathé Carré Sénart (Lieusaint)
Pathe Conflans
Pathé Quai d’Ivry
Pathé Marseille Country Map
Gaumont Toulouse Labege
Gaumont Montpellier Multiplex
Pathé Orleans Saran
Gaumont Reims Vintage Park
Pathé Lyon Silk scarf
Pathé Archamps (Greater Geneva)
Gaumont Grand Quevilly
Pathé Toulon Valletta
Cine Loire Tours
Cinema Dome Aubière (Clermont-Ferrand)
Cinema Cannes.

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