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Like any self-respecting Marvel, “Thor – Love and Thunder” has post-credits scenes. And the first involves a new character played by an actor that some series fans will have immediately recognized – SPOILERS ALERT!!!

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers, as it revisits one of the twists of “Thor – Love and Thunder” and the content of its first post-credits scene. So please move on if you haven’t seen Taika Waititi’s film yet.

Is it still necessary to specify to the spectators who are going to see a film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it is advisable to remain seated until the end of the credits, under penalty of missing one or two additional scene (s)? Even more in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy 2which had hidden bonuses throughout the credits.

The answer is obviously no, and it’s not with Thor – Love and Thunder that the MCU will deviate from the tradition established from the first Iron Manwith the appearance of Samuel L.Jackson in Nick Fury. Again made by Taika Waititiwho returns behind the camera after the success of Ragnarok, the feature film contains two. And the first offers us a double surprise.


He was thought to be dead, pierced by his own lightning thrown by Thor, before a dizzying fall. But no: Zeus (Russell Crowe) is alive and well. In bad shape, certainly, but alive. And annoyed to see that superheroes have supplanted the gods with mortals. He therefore intends to remedy this, and the person he was talking to, so far off-screen, is revealed to us: it is his son Hercules, who makes a spectacular entrance that the Avengers would not have denied.


Brett GoldsteinEnglish actor that you may have seen in episode 5 of season 11 of Doctor Whobut who is first and foremost the Roy Kent of Ted Lasso. It will not be difficult for you to recognize the fans of the feel good series of Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis, streaming on Apple TV+, as they will undoubtedly be the first to leap upon discovering that one face. More than when the name “Hercules” will be pronounced.

Thor 4: who is this actor in the 1st post-credits scene of love and thunder? - news...

Brett Goldstein in “Ted Lasso”

On September 1, 2021, Forbes was advocating for him to become the new Wolverine. But this was a wish of the media, more than real information. And if GameRant placed him on their list of ideal actors to play Hercules (alongside Stephen Amell and Scott Adkins), it must be admitted that no rumor had so far linked Brett Goldstein to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the same way that no one expected to see Harry Styles disembark at the end of Eternals.

Marvel Studios therefore still knows how to keep a few surprises up its sleeve, and it’s not impossible that the post-credits scene was shot very recently. Or at least Brett Goldstein’s plan, which was clearly boxed in the studio and did not mobilize the actor for very long, apart from his passage through the costume and make-up departments. This limited the leaks.

Brett Goldstein in action in “Ted Lasso”:


A prominent figure in Greek mythology, Hercules did not wait for Marvel to exist in literature. But the Maison des Idées introduced it into its universe in 1965, thanks to Stan Lee and Jack Kirbyin the first issue of Journey Into Mystery Annual. His physique is then inspired by that of the actor Steve Reevespeplum star who played him in the late 1950s, in The Labors of Hercules and his after.

Clumsy and good-natured, but also irascible, the Hercules of the comic books is close to his mythological counterpart, even if the authors of Marvel take some liberties with his adventures. By making him a member of the Avengers and Defenders, for example, him siding with Captain America during the crossover Civil War (suitable for movie theater in 2016 without him) and notably kills a clone of Thor there with the hammer of the latter.

Thor 4: who is this actor in the 1st post-credits scene of love and thunder? - news...

Steve Reeves in “The Labors of Hercules”

Given what the post-credits scene announces, a confrontation between Thor and Hercules is to be expected in the future. In the comic books, their very first meeting ends in a draw, interrupted by Zeus when no winner emerges. From there is born a beautiful friendship coupled with a rivalry, each declaring himself stronger than the other. If the MCU goes this route, his fate could be similar to that of Adam Warlock (Will Poulter), announced as a future villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 2and who could then change sides as he did on paper.

We can then wonder if Marvel is not preparing more than a simple face-to-face, and if the introduction of Hercules would not serve to prepare the ground for… the God Squad, a super group of deities formed to fight the Pantheon Skrull. Aliens seen in Captain Marvel and who will soon be at the heart of the series Secret Invasion.

Thor 4: who is this actor in the 1st post-credits scene of love and thunder? - news...
The Walt Disney Company France

What are the Skrulls hiding?

Seen in comic books between 2008 and 2011, it is notably composed of Thor, Sersi (Gemma Chan in The Eternals) or even Galactus and the Silver Surfer, which should soon be able to arrive in the MCU at the same time as The Fantastic 4. All around their leader, Hercules. By involving the latter at the end of Love and Thunder, the MCU may not only be announcing the possible antagonist of the next opus, and is probably seeing bigger.

And that would fit in with their recent narratives, which increasingly offer room for mythology and deities, both on small (Moon Knight, Miss Marvel) than on the big screen, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Eternals or this Thor – Love and Thunder. Can we expect a more explicit announcement during San Diego Comic Con (end of July) or D23 (early September)?

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