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At first glance, the story of “Thor – Love and Thunder” seems to be self-sufficient. But one of his characters refers to “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” and “Eternals” – SPOILERS ALERT!!!

WARNING – The article below contains some spoilers on the plot of “Thor – Love and Thunder”. Please move on if you haven’t seen Taika Waititi’s film yet.

Thor – Love and Thunder is it really as independent as we think? At first glance, the film Taika Waititi seems to be self-sufficient, and tends to confirm Marvel’s refusal to open wide the doors of its multiverse for the moment. A character, however, links him to at least two opuses of the MCU, and could well allow him to broaden his horizon.

Eternity, since it is about him, is moreover not so much a character as a cosmic entity. The one that Gorr (Christian Bale) research, so that she grants her wish which is to kill all the gods. In the end, the great villain of the story will reconsider his vengeful desires to resuscitate his daughter (India Rose Hemsworth), whose death we saw in the prologue. Even if the powers of the necroblade with which he committed his murders do not take away his life.

Viewers won’t see more of Eternity’s powers, and many won’t realize the extent of his power, despite him representing the entire core Marvel Universe (also referred to as 616) in the comic books. Because this starry silhouette, created in 1965 in a Doctor Strange adventure, is made up of all living beings, places, spaces and moments.

Only the Living Tribunal, another cosmic entity represented by the statues of its members (including the Guardian, seen in the series What If…?with a starry look reminiscent of Eternity) in the hall of the final fight between Thor, Jane, and Gorr, is meant to surpass him.

Thor 4 which character connects this film to Guardians of
marvel comics

Eternity in comic books

For readers, this short appearance of Eternity will no doubt raise some questions. In particular on the version seen on the screen: is it the entity specific to the universe of Thor and the Avengers? From that of another universe, since everyone has their own? Even the combination of all its iterations, which exists in comic books? The mystery is, for the moment, complete. And it’s not even certain that Kevin Feige and the authors of Love and Thunder decided when it appeared here.

What is certain is that Eternity is expanding the collection of cosmic characters seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like Dormammu, villain of Doctor Strange. Blackagar Boltagan, aka Black Arrow (Anson Mount), crossed in the sequel. Or the Celestials, who hold a central role in The Eternals that we come across at the bend of a plan of Love and Thunder, which the most observant had noticed from one of the trailers.

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Celestials in “Thor – Love and Thunder”

It should also be noted that the Infinity Gauntlet used by Thanos is of cosmic origin. Just like the living planet Ego, father of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Film in which Eternity was mentioned for the first time, when the hero played by Chris Prattclose to falling into the camp of his progenitor, saw his eyes fill with stars. And that’s when he said the word “Eternity”. In 2017, the year of the release of the feature film by james gunnfew fans had grasped the reference, especially since it could also refer to infinite time.

Since the release of Thor – Love and Thunder, this sequence takes on a whole new meaning. And who knows if it’s not a teaser for the Guardians of the Galaxy 3, expected in our theaters on May 3? Eternity may also serve to lure one of its future big bads into the MCU. Like the Beyonder, another cosmic being, famous for his role in the crossover Secret Wars. Or Galactus, mythical adversary of 4 Fantastic, whose arrival is supposed to be imminent. Case to follow.

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