Thor 4: These Marvel Characters Should Appear in Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth revealed it: the first cut of “Thor – Love and Thunder” lasted four hours. It has therefore been reduced by half, and this means that several known faces are absent from the film visible in theaters.

After offering us two very feature films at the end of 2021, with The Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has eased off on the lengths of its films. To the extent that Thor – Love and Thunder displays barely two hours on the counter, credits included. That is half of the very first assembly.

In an interview given to Collider, Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth revealed that the first end to end of the film was four hours long, which is very common in blockbusters, since it was the same for The Batman. Except that Matt Reeves and Warner cut less. “Several times on the set (…), at the time, you say to yourself ‘This is the best thing that anyone has ever filmed in the history of filming!’explains the filmmaker.

“Then you go into the editing stage. And you’re like, first, ‘I still like it pretty good.’ And after you’ve been in the movie for six months, you realize that it was funny at the time, but it ultimately has nothing to do with the movie.” Taika Waititi nevertheless specifies that it was only an end-to-end of the scenes and not a real montage. But Chris Hemsworth calls this version a “totally crazy and wild”and similar to “a Monty Python skit.”

You had to try a lot of things to find the right balance.

But you have to make choices, for narrative and commercial reasons (the longer the duration, the fewer sessions there can be per day). And Taika Waititi revealed to us that the editing had lasted “between ten and eleven months, to figure out what the story was and find the right tone. We tested him a lot, and sometimes he was too funny, sometimes too serious. Sometimes there were too many jokes and you didn’t really know what the characters were doing anymore. You had to try a lot of things to find the right balance.”

So we had to cut. A lot. According Natalie Portman nearIndiewire, “entire sequences, planets, characters and worlds that didn’t end up in the movie, when it was hilarious and amazing, and that we spent a lot of time on, and the team that did everything designed.” The actress also added that “very moving scenes” between Jane and Thor bore the brunt of these cuts.

Among the actors finally absent, we find Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblumwho were to reprise their respective roles as Eitri (smith of Thor’s new weapon in Infinity War) and the Grandmaster (crossed in Ragnarok before), but whose scenes have been deleted according Christian Baleinterpreter of the wicked Gorr who had given them the reply.

Thor 4 These Marvel Characters Should Appear in Love and
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Will Peter Dinklage return to Marvel?

Unseen, so far, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lena Headey also saw his first steps cut during editing. And it is all the more regrettable for the ex-Cesei of Game Of Throneswhose role has not yet been revealed, that she is sued by his former agency for unpaid commissions following his engagement on various projects. Including Thor – Love and Thunder.

“This is the case with all films, whether big or small”answers Taika Waititi about the absentees. “There will always be someone who gets cut, and on bigger films like this, sometimes it’s celebrities (laughs) But that’s okay: you shouldn’t put a scene in a film because that there is a famous person in it. What matters is that it benefits the film, and we always shoot more scenes than we need.”

“You box everything in the script, and ours was in the 145 pages, which is very long. But I knew the result couldn’t be that long, so we tried to turn everything around, while knowing that, in a second time, certain things were going to disappear.” For all time ? No one currently knows, although Taika Waititi hinted, in an interview given to NMEthat there would be no director’s cut.

The director even supported his point by declaring that he did not like the director’s cut he had seen in the past. In the absence of a long version, Marvel could nevertheless offer many cut scenes in future video editions.

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