This Two-Story Loft Tent Lets You Camp in Mid Air, Float on Water

I come across a number of startups on Kickstarter who are pitching their heart out about how good their product is. Some of these crowd-funding projects get financed within hours while others are left on the mercy of private investors. With Dookan, that shouldn’t be the case (at least my perspective). Long story-cut short, it is a versatile tent that lets you camp on ground, in mid-air, (thanks to its platform) and float on water courtesy of the pair of paddleboards.

So, what makes Dookan so special? The simple answer is versatility. While creating the tent, Handybro (makers of the tent) were very clear about the idea of what they actually wanted. The group of inventors were working on a project that’s easy to build or unbuild, durable, and can be used anywhere with two floors. When they said anywhere, folks meant business as Dookan can be used from your backyard to forest and beaches to deep water.

When it comes to ground, the world’s first customizing modular loft tent takes only 15 minutes to set up. Poised on short or extended legs, it offers campers scenic views from few feet above the ground amid cold air striking their ears and hitting their faces (which is a marvelous experience).

The fully collapsible square-tube aluminum frames measuring 79 x 79-inches serve as base of the tent while weatherproof poly-cotton fabric covers it from all four sides. The floor board can either sit just 16 inches off the ground or 47 inches high depending upon short or extended legs which one prefers to use for the two-floor configuration.

Featuring openings on all four sides, the tent is airy and comfortable. There is a four-panel mesh roof for added ventilation and further offering starry views. These openings can however be closed during bad weather and cold nights. A transparent rain fly can also be added over the mesh roof that will prevent you from rain while not compromising on views.

Accommodating two people with ease, Dookan can easily withstand a weight up to 660lbs. In case you want some more room for kids, the tent features hammocks which can string up to the floor board and dangle below, over the ground.

There is a limit of about four hammocks that one can string below the floor. The tent also features skirts that can be rolled down to serve as the walls surrounding the hammocks. In this manner, it becomes another sheltered sleeping area and functions as the first story (without a floor board).

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Other than being used as a ground tent or mid-air tent, the structure can even be set up on the water. Thanks to the pair of paddleboards that can be attached to its legs which allow it to float on the water. When dropped in water, it can be used for a number of activities ranging from fishing to swimming.

Weighing a total of 41kg (with added accessories), one should not mistake it to be lightweight or fragile as the structure can withstand winds up to 22 mph. With that being said, it should cost bonkers money and should be exclusively reserved for opulent and wealthy class. But, that is not the case as full set is on offer for pledge levels of $2,213, which is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

The Dookan modular loft tent 3
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 5
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 7
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 4
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 2
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 1
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent 6
Image: Handybro
The Dookan modular loft tent
Image: Handybro

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