This Taylor Swift documentary is on Netflix. Here’s why you …

This Taylor Swift documentary is on Netflix. Here’s why you …

It’s Taylor Swift’s world, we’re just living in it. this weekend, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is poised for a superhero-worthy performance at the box office that will put all other concert movies to shame. Swift is at the peak of her popularity and is one of the few artists who can do so in the modern era. But Swift also had to start from scratch, as seen in Netflix’s 2020 documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana,

miss americana was very popular at the time of its release partly because it gave fans a glimpse of Swift’s real personality in a way they had never seen before. Previously, Swift had hidden many details about her personal life and focused only on her music and performances. in retrospect, miss americana Swift may have helped her reach even greater heights by allowing people into her personal orbit through watching this film. So if you’re a new Swiftie or a seasoned fan who wants to watch this movie again, here are three reasons why you should. Taylor Swift: Miss Americana,

It celebrates Taylor Swift’s musical journey

Taylor Swift on stage at Miss Americana.

Different Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, miss americana This is not a concert film. However, a documentary about Swift would never be complete without her music. Swift narrates her own story as we see footage of her as a child and a teenager chasing their dreams. Swift is never so alive when she takes the stage and performs in front of the audience. Watching these classic clips of Swift performing, it’s also clear how much she’s grown as an artist. His stage presence is particularly impressive.

The film also serves as a reminder that Swift wasn’t always on top in the music industry, and that she had to struggle to get to the top. Swift didn’t set out to become a megastar, but she achieved it by never relying on her own talent.

Taylor Swift opens up about her personal struggles

Taylor Swift debuts in Miss Americana.

Musicians, actors and people in the public eye always look their best in front of the camera and pretend that they are not held back by their insecurities and imperfections. Even Swift has done this, but the main difference is that Swift is self-aware and willing to talk about it in this film. She opens up on camera about being insecure about her body and how it is portrayed in the media, which led her to struggle with an eating disorder.

The film also depicts Swift fighting in court to prove that she was sexually assaulted by a radio DJ, and the relief and sense of vengeance she feels when the verdict comes in her favor. There are also very emotional moments from Swift talking about her mother’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. The film simply allows Swift to be human and prevents her from being too facetious in front of the camera. She’s flawed and imperfect, just like the rest of us, and she no longer needs to pretend otherwise.

Taylor Swift gets political

Taylor Swift wins political title at Miss Americana.

For most of her career, Swift avoided being actively political. miss americana The reason for why this change occurred occurred during a tense discussion backstage between Swift and her family and advisers. While Swift’s father argues against alienating any potential member of her audience, Swift pushes back and says she wished she had spoken out against Donald Trump when he ran for president in 2016. .

Additionally, Swift felt she had to face off against Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, a Republican whom Swift describes as anti-LGBT and against voting for equal pay rights and seeking protections for women. That was all Swift had to do before she decided that she would finally use her celebrity and standing to speak out on the issues she believes in. For some artists in the past, such actions harmed their careers. Yet Swift is now more popular than ever, and no one can ever again accuse her of not standing up for what she believes is right.

Watch Taylor Swift: Miss Americana On Netflix.


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