This portrayal of policing as casually corrupt is an insult to serving officers | Letters

It was difficult for me to read Simon Jenkins’ portrayal of policing as casually corrupt, opaque and unaccountable (Away from TV’s Line of Duty the police have a long, tawdry history of corruption, 7 May). In fact, the picture he paints is unrecognisable, not just today but at any stage of my career over the past 37 years. It is irresponsible, inaccurate and does nothing but insult my 40,000-plus colleagues and all officers across the country who come to work every day to try to keep people safe.

The Metropolitan police service aspires to be the most trusted police service in the world. We are not perfect, but our values of integrity, courage, compassion and professionalism are non-negotiable.

There are a multitude of independent and statutory organisations that ensure police services, their officers and staff operate lawfully and ethically, while those who fail to do so are held to account. Readers should be reassured that in London there is a standing oversight commission under an elected leader – the mayor.
Sir Stephen House
Deputy commissioner, Metropolitan police service

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