Lenovo Legion Tower gaming PC on a table.

Now’s a good time to buy a gaming PC from Walmart, which has dropped the price of the Lenovo Legion T5 with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti from $1,490 to just $979 in response to Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days 2023. The $511 discount beats the savings. Which you can get from the Amazon Prime Day deal, but we don’t expect it to last long as reliable gaming desktops at cheaper prices are always in high demand. If you don’t want to miss out, take advantage of the offer now.

Why should you buy the Lenovo Legion T5 Gaming Desktop?

As mentioned above, the Lenovo Legion T5 comes with an RTX 3060 Ti, if you look at our analysis between RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti vs 3070, you will see that it is still a relatively powerful GPU. This means you can handle games like alden ring And diablo 4 Smoothly at 2k relatively smoothly, though with some hits to framerate, which isn’t a big deal for those games. On the other hand, for running games you can always take advantage of one of the Prime Day monitor deals focused on high-FPS Fortnite Or top legendsWhich the RTX 3060 Ti can handle, although at the expense of graphical settings and resolution.

In addition to the great GPU, the Legion T5 has the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G, which is a surprisingly powerful CPU and feels good to see on a mid-range gaming PC, especially since it keeps the cost low and still on par with equivalent Intel CPUs. Competes. With 16GB of DDR4 RAM, you will get a very smooth and versatile experience where you can do anything like gaming, editing, programming and productivity work without any hassle. Lenovo has also cleverly thrown in a 256GB SSD for your Windows 11 and programs, and a 1TB HDD for additional storage. However, it may be worth upgrading the internal with an SSD for gaming, as an HDD won’t be great for most AAA games, and 256GB is too small for long-term game installations.

Overall, the Legion T5 is an excellent desktop and one of the best gaming PC deals we’ve seen during Prime Day, especially considering it’s priced at just $511 from Walmart after a $511 discount on its sticker price of $1,490. Is $979. Still, it’s worth checking out these other Prime Day PC deals for some options.

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