This is us on M6: what does season 5 have in store for you?

This is us on m6: what does season 5 have in store for you?

Tonight, season 5 of “This is us” arrives on M6. What does this new burst of episodes have in store for you?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain many spoilers on the This is Us series. You are advised to have seen the previous seasons before continuing to read this article.

After a final episode that left many questions unanswered, the Pearson family is finally back on M6. But what does this is us season 5 have in store for you?


This is Us season 4 ended with the massive argument between Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) over their mother’s health concerns. A conflict which will obviously not be without consequences for the Pearson family.

Despite the violent words they exchanged, will Kevin and Randall be able to reconcile? It is precisely one of the red threads of season 5. And if the fans hoped to see the two brothers get closer quickly, it will unfortunately be necessary to be patient since the dispute between them will last a long time.


At the end of Season 4, we learned that Madison (Caitlin Thompson) was pregnant with Kevin’s twins. Wishing to follow in the footsteps of his father Jack, Kevin is ready to take his responsibilities as a father and this new role will be central for the character.

If this pregnancy is the result of an adventure, it will however bring Madison and Kevin closer together. But how do you become parents when you don’t really know each other? This new season will focus on building this relationship.


This new season of This Is Us will be fully anchored in reality by addressing the news head-on. And as much to say that the world of the Pearson family will be hit hard by two major events of the year 2020, starting of course with the global Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing, masks and confinement will thus be all elements that will upset their daily lives.

Beside that, the writers also chose to evoke the death of Georges Flyod, an African-American killed by a police officer. A tragic event which had shaken America and which will particularly affect Randall.


The death of Georges Flyod will make it possible to raise, through Randall, the question of identity and racism. As a result of this tragedy, Pearson’s son will gradually open his eyes to many things in his life. An awareness that will then push him to question his past, especially in relation to his education as a black man within a white family.

But that’s not all in store for Randall whose life will be turned upside down by a revelation. The opportunity for him to learn more about his origins and to deliver great emotional moments to viewers.


We now know that the family of Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) is set to grow with the arrival of their adopted daughter Hailey. While they had gone through a rough patch in their marriage during season 4, this adoption plan seems to have calmed things down.

And if the steps will take an important place within the couple, the pandemic will not be easy for them and will also come to sow discord.

A situation all the more complicated for Kate who will also have to face old demons. Indeed, the writers decided to explore more in depth the past of the Pearson girl and more particularly a traumatic event which occurred during her adolescence. Enough to give fans of the program additional keys to understand what shaped it.


The illness of Rebecca (Mandy Moore) had upset the Big 3 as well as the viewers. Gradually losing her memory, the Pearson matriarch truly began her fight against the Alzheimer’s disease. So expect her memory problems to punctuate this new burst of episodes and see how she will cope with them with her children. Intense moments of emotion in perspective.


Fans of This is us can rejoice as Season 5 of the series will explore Nicky’s (Griffin Dunne) past and her relationship with Kevin a little more. Moreover, the character will even be entitled to an episode entirely focused on his life.

Season 5 of This is us begins this Thursday evening on M6 from 10:55 pm.

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