This Is Us on M6: what awaits you in season 4 à la TV

M6 broadcasts season 4 of “This Is Us” from this evening at 9:05 pm at the rate of three episodes per week. A new batch that will bring its share of dramas, trials, and upheavals for the Pearsons.

Seven months after the broadcast of the last episode of season 3 on its antenna, M6 offers tonight for the first time on a free channel season 4 of This Is Us, the American phenomenon series worn by Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley. While TF1 is currently broadcasting the French remake I promise you, viewers of the Six will finally be able to discover the rest of the adventures of the Pearson clan. With, on the program, the arrival of a slew of new characters, a move to Philadelphia for Randall and his family, a moving red thread dedicated to Rebecca, and a season premiere not like the others…

A very successful conceptual opening episode

Do not be afraid by discovering the first episode of season 4: you are still in front of This Is Us! In order to renew itself and echo in a pretty way the very first episode of the series, which took its time before revealing that the characters we followed were actually all from the same family, creator Dan Fogelman and his team of screenwriters have decided to begin this fourth salvo with a “concept” episode entitled “Destins croisés” (“Strangers” in VO) which, after a first sequence centered on Jack and Rebecca, transports us to the daily life of characters that l ‘we’ve never seen it on screen. Newcomers played by Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time), Omar Epps (Dr House), Asante Blackk, and Blake Stadnik who are not there by chance and will end up, one way or another, revealing themselves be related to the Pearson clan. And the good news is that this very strong episode – which raises the level after a season 3 somewhat below the first two – will be entitled to its “sequel” at the very end of the season.

New trials for Rebecca, Randall, Kevin, Kate, and Toby

After the birth of baby Jack at the end of season 3, the family life of Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) will be more than ever one of the central elements of season 4 of This Is Us. They will indeed have to do. facing an unexpected ordeal related to their son while tensions will gradually appear within their relationship. Kevin, for his part, will get closer to his uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) and have a meeting that could make him forget Zoe. But will this new contender be the right one? One thing is certain: these new episodes will shed light on Kevin’s romantic and family future. As for Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), they will begin a new chapter of their life in Philadelphia … which will not be without turmoil since Randall’s anxieties, which date back to adolescence, will gradually resurface.

This is us on m6: what awaits you in season 4 à la tv

Ron Batzdorff / NBC

But the most important focus of season 4 undoubtedly concerns Rebecca, who we discovered elderly, sick and very weakened during a flashforward which came to end season 3. Little by little, her state of health will begin to deteriorate. worrying his children in the sequences set in the present. And especially Randall, who will be the first to notice his mother’s memory loss and to consider that her mother’s health may be deteriorating. A moving theme that will offer us some really poignant scenes in the second part of the season and will also create tensions between Kevin, Kate, and Randall. The three brothers and sisters at the heart of This Is Us who will each have the right to a special episode dedicated to them during this fourth season.

Guests in spades

In addition to new recurring characters such as Gregory (Timothy Omundson), Kate’s neighbor with whom the latter will become friends, or Marc (Austin Abrams), Kate’s boyfriend during adolescence, season 4 of This Is Us welcomes several distinguished guests during its 18 episodes. Starting with director M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Split, The Village), who appears in his own role in two episodes. But also the singer John Legend who invites himself in one of Kevin’s intrigues. Fans of the Brothers Scott will also be happy to find Sophia Bush in the same episode, in a role that deserves to be kept secret. Without forgetting the participation of Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters), who finds the time of some Mandy Moore sequences, with whom he had played in the ephemeral Red Band Society.

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