This Is Us on Canal +: season 6 will be the last as planned by creator Dan Fogelman à la TV

We already knew it but it’s now official: as planned by its creator Dan Fogelman, season 6 of This Is Us will conclude the series.

Jeff Lipsky / NBC

Get out your handkerchiefs. This Is Us will end with its sixth season. This announcement, however, is not a surprise. When NBC renewed the series in May 2019 for three more seasons, there was already talk at the time that season six would be the last.

Dan Fogelman designed his series to last six seasons and thus sold it to NBC. The creator has always been adamant on this point, arguing that the structure of his family drama cannot keep pace with other series on the chain.

Fogelman had also insisted from the start on having shorter seasons which, with the exception of the 2020-2021 season affected by the pandemic, are all made up of 18 episodes. The fifth season currently airing has 16.

So the final season is expected to have around 18 episodes. The series should thus cross the threshold of 100 episodes, essential to obtain a syndication agreement. This lucrative agreement allows independent local stations to fill out their program schedules.

So soon we will have to say goodbye to the endearing Pearson family. And while their French cousins, the Gallos, will return in the second season of I promise you on TF1, we wonder if they will have the same longevity.

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