This Is Us: how does it end?

This Is Us ended a few weeks ago on NBC (Canal+ in France) with an episode celebrating the little things in life. This is how the adventures of one of the most endearing families on the small screen end.

2022 will have marked the end of one of the most successful family series of recent years. It was after 6 seasons and 106 episodes that viewers had to say goodbye to the Pearson, this family who had the gift of triggering tears!

If the penultimate episode of This Is Us was dedicated to the death of Rebecca (mandy moore) following a long Alzheimer’s disease, the final episode focuses on the day of his funeral while the flashback scenes tell of an ordinary family Saturday when the Big Three were at the gates of the ‘adolescence.

What happens in the past

For its latest throwback, This Is Us has chosen to show a Saturday where the young Pearson have no activity planned and where the whole family is therefore reunited under the same roof. The three children and their parents spend time together playing different games chosen by Kate but which her brothers find too childish, resulting in some bickering.

A day filled with little nothings yet so endearing like Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) teaching his boys to shave while wishing them not to grow up too quickly and to savor the present moment like their sister, or when the five Pearsons watch the film of the day when, very young, the Big Three learned their famous anthem. But also several conversations proving for the very last time how Rebecca and Jack formed one of the most beautiful couples on television.

What we see of the future

Decades later, the whole family is gathered for Rebecca’s funeral. But more than the ceremony itself – snippets of which are shown without words – it is above all on very significant discussions between the characters that the episode dwells.

Emblematic couple of the series, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) play their worst-case-scenario game one last time, the senator also has a chat with his three daughters and learns that Deja is having a son with Malik whom she wishes to name William, in honor of Randall’s biological father (who is also entitled to a last flashback located just before his death) that she has never met but of which she has heard so much good.

This is us: how does it end?
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Divorced from Toby earlier in the season, Kate (Chrissy Metz) finally found love again in the arms of her colleague Phillip (Chris Geere). Over time, Jack and Hailey’s parents learned to love each other in other ways, which the character of Chris Sullivan assures his ex-wife in one of the most moving scenes of the episode.

Finally at peace with himself, Kevin (Justin Hartley), now happy in a relationship with his very first love Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), took care of Rebecca during her last years of life. He educates his twins, Nicky and Franny, with Madison (Caitlin Thompson), herself happy in her marriage to Elijah (Adam Korson) who bore him a third child. The actor also shares a final scene with his uncle (Griffin Dunne), who thanks him with humor for having integrated him into the family.

Finally, the children of Rebecca and Jack, now orphans, share a last moment at 3 where each reveals their plans for the future. Kate plans to open many music schools for the visually impaired around the world, Kevin wants to focus on running his Non-Governmental Organizations and being more present at home while Randall announces his desire to run for President of the States -United !

All while promising to stay together for the rest of their lives and reciting the Big Three anthem. A sequence where humor and emotions mingle and in front of which it is difficult to remain unmoved.

This is us: how does it end?

In the afterlife

The series ends with the reunion between Jack and Rebecca in the train cabin representing the afterlife. The first reassures the second, promising her that she will always be with her children, as he has been since her death.

A conversation interspersed with moments of joy during their Saturday at home and moments of the day of burial. After a last I love you shared by the star couple, the final plan of the series honors the elderly Randall who looks at his family, and the little one who looks at his father.

The most poignant moments of the series:

This is us: how does it end?

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