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The end of the first group stage of the Basketball World Cup now gives way to a second group that will decide the teams classified for the quarterfinals. The sets that have advanced are grouped into four new groups. Group I is made up of Serbia, the Dominican Republic, Italy and Puerto Rico. Group J, the United States, Lithuania, Montenegro and Greece. Group K, Slovenia, Germany, Australia and Georgia. And group L, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Latvia.

In this phase, each team avoids facing the rival they already met in the first league again, and only plays two games, on Friday and Sunday, against two new opponents. The results achieved in the initial round are carried over, and the first two will be in Manila to participate in the quarterfinals on September 5 and 6, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Group I will meet Group J and Group K will meet Group L. Spain plays on Friday at 11:45, Spanish peninsular time, against Latvia, and on Sunday at 15:30 against Canada coached by Jordi Fernández. If they advance, their opponent in the quarterfinals will be drawn from the group of Slovenia, Germany, Australia and Georgia.

On this Wednesday, the United States continued its expected triumphant march in the first group stage and defeated Jordan 110-62 without much sweat. Anthony Edwards was once again the top scorer with 22 points, as well as adding eight rebounds. It was also the opportunity to witness the performance against the NBA team of Rondae Hollis Jefferson, the Jordanian nationalized American forward who has drawn attention for his physical resemblance to Kobe Bryant, whose movements he tries to emulate, as well as playing with the number 24. Against Steve Kerr’s team, he had 20 points and seven rebounds.

Serbia ended the dream of South Sudan (83-115). And Doncic’s Slovenia ended with the journey of Tavares’ Cape Verde (92-77), who leaves Jakarta with the historical record of being the team with the smallest population (600,000 inhabitants) to play a match in the World Cup. World of basketball, and also in getting a victory, against Venezuela. Doncic had 19 points, seven rebounds and nine assists, and Tavares raised his record to nine points, 10 rebounds and five assists. In the Spanish group, the last passport for the second phase was for Brazil, who beat the Ivory Coast 77-89.

The cabals now also begin for the possible pairings for the quarterfinals and semifinals. For example, the team that comes second in the Spanish group would avoid the United States, if it advances as first, in a hypothetical semifinal. And the fight to access the 2024 Paris Olympic Games also enters the scene. Eliminated France, already classified as host, in the European basket there are two direct tickets for the two best classified. For the rest, a walk through the pre-Olympic tournament.

The composition of the new four World Cup groups.

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