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With the amazing series This Is Going to Hurt, medical fiction finds a new stronghold on myCANAL. So we put on our most beautiful white coats and we dwell on 5 medical series available on the platform.

This Is Going to Hurt

This is one of the least explored themes on TV in terms of medical fiction, and yet it is central to our lives: motherhood. This Is Going to Hurt is a game-changer in this area by offering a new and ultra-realistic look at the daily life of an obstetrics department in a British public hospital.

And we discover it from the first minutes of the first episode: the life of a gynecologist is far from always rosy! Between abandonment of public authorities, indecent hours, finicky patients and very difficult decisions to make: drama and stress are as much part of the game as joy and emotion.

Driven by Ben Whishaw (revealed by his role as Q in the last three james bond), the series is an adaptation of the autobiographical work of the same name byAdam Kay, ensuring his loyalty since he is also the author and producer. Realism, precision, but also breaking the fourth wall and scathing humour: This is Going to Hurt is unquestionably one of the revelations of this beginning of the year, and we want more!

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Praised for the accuracy of its subject, the realism of its characters and its social commitment, Hippocrates everyone agrees. Having already lifted the veil on two seasons acclaimed by the public and the critics, the Original Creation counts on first choice actors like Louise Bourgoin, Alice Belaidi, Karim Leklou, Zacharie Chasseriaud or Bouli Lanners in season 2: all perfect in their roles.

The first season begins with the forced isolation of all the doctors holding a suburban hospital service. While it is their very first day, three young interns find themselves left to fend for themselves. It is thus through the inexperienced eyes of these young doctors that the public is invited to understand the true functioning of a French hospital.

Created by Thomas Liltihimself a former doctor and director of the eponymous film with Reda Kateb and Vincent LacosteHippocrates makes us quiver, laugh and cry, and it’s not about to stop since a season 3 is already signed!

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A bit of levity, with the cult series H. A true French sitcom, H is still considered one of the best comedy series, as we enjoy watching and re-watching the episodes, even 20 years later.

The four seasons, broadcast between 1998 and 2002, blew up the duo to the general public Eric & Ramzyand of course Jamel Debbouze. Ultra-paced and absurd as possible, they follow the daily life of a nurse, a stretcher-bearer and a switchboard operator whose professional conscience is clearly not the priority…

This is going to hurt, hippocrate, h… 5 medical series to watch on canal+ - news...
Canal + (France)

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Nurse Jackie

Jackie is an ultra-efficient nurse who always manages to solve the most difficult cases. How does she do it? She is addicted to drugs. Nurse Jackie takes the unusual step of addressing the two themes of the difficulty of medical professions and dependency, while deciphering the vicious circle that maintains them.

Never manichean, the treatment is effective, humane, while managing to be funny. Spread over seven seasons, the series has become a classic and has allowed the public to rediscover the excellent Edie Falco at the top of the poster, she who we knew for her role as Carmela in the Sopranos. Her portrayal of Jackie earned her, among other things, the Emmy Award for Best Actress in 2010.

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Confidential medical information

Forced to resign for having denounced the abuses and shortcomings of the public hospital, nurse Cath Hardacre usurps the identity of a friend and pretends to be an emergency doctor. In addition to the difficulties in assuming skills that are beyond her, Cath is caught up in her past.

Revealed by Doctor Who as the first woman to play the lead role, Jodie Whittaker is the heroine of this mini-series in four episodes. It is obviously a completely different type of doctor that we see in Confidential medical informationthis excellent thriller which evolves on the border between the genres of thriller and psychological drama.

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