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Screened in American theaters, the gore film “Terrifier 2” caused several fainting spells and made many spectators vomit, yet the film is gaining more and more admissions. Kind of a rite of passage for fans of the genre.

Attention, the images of the trailer can offend the sensitivity of the spectators.

Released in American theaters on October 6, the horror film Terrify 2 is in the Top 10 of the US box office and has to date totaled 2.5 million dollars in North American territory for a budget of only 250,000 dollars and an almost non-existent marketing campaign.

Sequel to the movie Terrify released anonymously in 2016, the feature film by Damien Leone is an unexpected success for exhibitors and the director.

In the first film, two women cross paths with Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), a sadistic killer on Halloween night. In this sequel, Art was resurrected by a sinister entity. Back in the town of Miles County, he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

So far nothing very surprising… But several American cinemas report that many spectators leave the room in the middle of the screening or… vomit in the middle of the film.

Advertisements repeated in the media and which, far from disgusting the spectators, visibly make them want to try the experience in turn.

A rite of passage for fans of the genre

Photos of moviegoers receiving medical treatment outside a screening of Terrifier 2 have gone viral on social media, turning the bloody film into something of an endurance test for horror movie fans.

“#Terrifier2 my friend passed out and the cinema had to call an ambulance. Highly recommended”.

“I just saw Terrifier 2. It was an amazing gore movie. The guy behind me passed out and crashed into my chair. Another guy left because he wasn’t feeling well and on his way out movie, I heard a guy throw up in the toilet”.

“If you decide to continue: you have been warned”

Testimonies that surprise the director himself. Asked by Entertainment WeeklyDamien Leone says: “Look, I wish I had a few starts but no more. I think for fans of the genre it’s kind of a badge of honor. It’s an intense movie. I don’t want people to pass out or hurt themselves during the movie. It’s surreal.”

The director then reminds that Terrifier 2 is a sequel and that viewers should surely have watched the first film at home to know what to expect.

You should probably see Terrify before you jump into this one. If you’ve seen the first one, you know what you’re getting into.

In the first part, there is a now famous hacksaw murder scene that everyone is talking about. We tried to compete with this scene (..)

I think this film is more accessible, but we basically continue to make these films for gore cinema fans. If other people want to come on board, the more the merrier.”

This horror film that makes viewers vomit Actus Cine
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art the clown

For his part, the producer Steve Barton announces that it has added a warning concerning the content of the feature film before the screening.

He warns on his Twitter account:This film contains violent, explicit and brutal scenes. Spectators who have weak hearts or stomachs or who are prone to fainting are advised to exercise extreme caution. There have already been many cases of fainting and vomiting in movie theaters. To those who choose to continue despite everything: you have been warned.”

Given the exponential success of the film in theaters, the producer adds that the streaming release has been delayed in order to give priority to cinemas.

No release date in France has been announced.

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