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“Titanic” is the French box office champion with 20.7 million admissions. But did you know that a cult French comedy stayed at the top of the charts longer than James Cameron’s classic?

Titanic has just been released in theaters. Absolute champion of the French box office with its 20.7 million admissions, James Cameron’s classic is not, however, the film that has held first place in the rankings for the longest time!

A cult French comedy (the word is not usurped here) has indeed spent more time at the top than Titanic, which still occupied the leading position twelve times. Logic would dictate that it is Welcome to the Ch’tis or Intouchables, which follow Cameron’s film with respectively 20.4 and 19.4 million spectators. But no, since they stayed “only” seven and ten weeks at the top.

So who ? Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, another huge French success with its 14.5 million tickets sold? Still not, Alain Chabat’s film having held the lead only seven times.

We won’t make you wait any longer: it was the comedy The Visitors that did better than Titanic. According to the JP Box-Office website, the adventures led by Christian Clavier and Jean Reno, released in theaters in 1993, indeed remained sixteen weeks at the top of the French box office against twelve for Cameron’s film. But in the end, The Visitors will make much fewer entries, with all the same, let us remain relative, 13.7 million spectators at the rendezvous.

The “Visitors” trailer:

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