This Cute Alternative Map of Berlin Reminds Us of the City’s Magic

Weird, weird, weird, magical, playful – I think many of us living in Berlin can agree that such words perfectly describe some of the unique personalities that inhabit this city. This sentiment is also captured in the interpretation of the Berlin map by artist Olga Ivanova, 26.

Ivanova’s alternate map is populated with mysterious little creatures having fun all over town. Looking at the map, I’m sure many of us will recognize our own adventures in Berlin, whether it’s queuing for Berghain, having coffee with a friend, spending time with weird companions. that you just met at Hermannplatz or skated along Tempelhofer Feld.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Ivanova spent a lot of time hitchhiking and couchsurfing in various cities in Europe and was captivated by the sense of freedom she felt in Berlin, a feeling which is certainly reflected in his designs.

“I was just puzzled,” she said. “I was sitting like, ‘what is this place?’ It’s a great city to understand who you are and what you want because you can be everything and no one is really judging you, which I love.

The more you explore the map, the more you will find your own memories depicted in the dreamlike cityscape and playful creatures, some of which even wear black beanies.

“I like creatures that are a bit unconventional – they’re not necessarily the standard cute creatures,” Ivanova said, explaining her artistic choice. “They’re all kinds of weirdos and that’s the beauty of the place.”

The map came to life last November as our second lockdown approached and the infamous Berlin winter began to set in. Meanwhile, Ivanova said she is losing touch with what she loves about her practice, which involves sharing her works with strangers on sunny days. in the markets and streets of Berlin. However, creating the map helped her find that connection again, as people were inspired by her illustrations online.

Ivanova wants her card to remind people of the magic and mystery of Berlin at a time when many of us lost touch with this side of town, especially since our adventures were limited to staying at home.

“I hope for those who are still here and planning to stay here, I hope this helps somehow get through these times … and keep hope for better days to come.” where we can once again fully enjoy the city, ”said Ivanova.

photo: Peter Kagerer

You can find Ivanova’s Berlin map and other fantastic illustrations in it online shop.

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April 27, 2021
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