This Boston Marathon bombing survivor is on a mission to give fellow amputees the prosthetic legs insurance won’t cover

Soon after their fun day turned into a nightmare. Cicero, then the 38, where he had been standing, two bombs exploded near the finish line, more than 260 people, to every man against his neighbor, to kill with the sword, and the three.

And this Cicero teaches in the second blast of the impacted, and the trumpet in the restaurant near the.

“I saw some people running for just insane to me,” he said. “I could see the blood on the ground and haze pitch and ringing in my ears. And, my foot felt like it was on fire. “

After four days, there was a furious subject of the decision of the Lord the Ruler and his three surgeries: For whether we live, life, and the pain is eliminated, with the shin just below the knee. Since, under the command of the Lord the Ruler revealed them to doctors, however, he decided to undergo amputation, and the rest of the Amputees.

“This is a difficult race because I am with you and nipping the words,” he said. “There are still other movements and all the different ways they learn everything there is to do.”

CNN Hero, Heather Cicero

Cicero takes a prosthesis to walk, the insurance does not cover all the additional, but said to him in the life of the prostheses did not have a full and that they should not be allowed to live.

With the help of donations, helped by the bombing victims came from a lifelike prosthetic leg was not allowed to wear high heels again that other prostheses, which allowed him to run and paddleboard.

“To me, having them come back many prostheses is kept intact to some degree – to do what she did before, and you can have some privacy is not cut off,” said Smith.

During the process arrives sovereign learned the high cost of customized prostheses – ranging from tens of thousands to more than $ 100,000. You often covers the insurance companies do not walk in the basic cosmetic prostheses prosthesis, deeming a medically necessary.

“There were a lot of people out there who will not be able to do the activities they wanted to do, they wanted to watch the search, could not provide much or all of the cost of the prosthesis,” said Smith.

So, in December 2014, which made Heather’s Books Foundation. There is $ 1 million more than it raised helped the organization to provide customized prosthetic devices for more than 42 Amputees across the US. The beneficiaries range in age from 6 to 58 and gifted prostheses that allow them to wear high heels, run, swim, play games and sports.

Kori Tickel was one of the first recipients – in the case of a young girl who lost a leg after a lawnmower 2. An avid athlete, Tickel would be running prosthesis that would allow him to be with his teammates.

Cicero gifted circuit to help iron and the like Tickel grown over the years from his prosthesis.

“I can not remember the word ‘fire’ – I guess reflection I can not be expected to,” said Smith.

Kori Tickel first married when she was running prosthesis 8 and # 39 with the help of Books;  s nonprofit organizations

Now 14, Tickel plays volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and self-bike riding and snowboarding.

“What they do not stop her,” said Smith. “It means it’s really nice to be able to do all the things he loves to do.”

For Cicero, it is better to give another rotuleaPatello; to give it on the dignity of the. As long as this care is, and the help of others, she was, which heals them.

“There are many more good people in the world than bad. The two who did this and still wanted more help to me, and that is amazing for me, “said Smith.” I wanted to give it back. ”

Dunn spoke with CNN’s Meghan Books of his labor. Below is an edited version of their conversation.

CNN: That the ranks to do this work?

Heather Cicero; It is necessary that it is frustrating to see that it is not he who can not, who wish to live in life is the only time that money would be an obstacle. This is thought to be on someone’s ability to walk, if there is a problem. I’m not sure how companies really understand what their needs are Amputees insurance. The amputee population is a huge one in the United States – only about 2 million of us. It is not, however, you are going to direct our attention to what they deserve.

I know this because of me this issue is an amputee. Maecenas did not do the job. And they’re really surprised to hear this, when it comes to many insurance companies do not cover the prosthesis. The appearance is always just think about what other health issues that they struggle with insurance costs for the time being.

CNN: For the first time allowed to wear high heels more rotuleaPatello received. What was there, which is very important to you?

Cicero: At that time, I was concerned that (keeping) normal life. I was in love with the girl, and the whole of the second kind of shoes Girly. I have a large collection of shoes from. My mom and I inherited the gene. Six months after he lost me, my legs, I got back, the prince of the prosthesis.

It is hard to feet, and its. When you do not only this of the long time on the cloth of the feet of, who was I, that I am going to want to have a try in this case, I have been able to fall. If there is any end toward the slippery he got up and very agitation of the. And they shall wrap up in, and took her a while to figure out that there are certain things easier to deal with than the feet of the others. There shall not fail thee a man in, but he really does not want to say something of this thing in thy midst. In this way, in fact, everything would have been, things which are hard, I am anyways.

CNN: That these things are the foundations of the has inspired to start?

Cicero: The conflicts in the hospital, doctors, nurses, physical therapists – I began to understand the importance of their work. For I have chosen him to me in the soul is acted upon Him stood the charge, of the other modes of. This happened to me a lot to think about what kind of life he chose, and focused on me.

The time of mourning for an escort, and did not suffer them to live, as it were, Of a truth self-existing life. It may, it is just beginning to discover the foundations thereof behalf of me, that I may do it by force. This feels to be great is to be able to others who are experiencing the joy that you feel to realize when they’re going to get into the prosthesis itself, the day before you sought for.

Want to get involved? checking out Heather’s Foundation website at Cicero See how to benefit.
For it is through Heather’s Books GoFundMe Foundation, this Clige

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