This Alexa Tip Brings the Best Part of Halloween Trick-or-Treating Inside

This Alexa Tip Brings the Best Part of Halloween Trick-or-Treating Inside – CNET

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Looking for a new way to trick-or-treat this evening? Your Amazon Echo device can help.

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Alexa offers seasonal fun.

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You already know about many of the neat Alexa routines you can set up on your trusty Amazon Echo devices. But did you know Alexa can also help you get into the spooky season? Last year, Amazon released a pre-made Halloween Alexa routine that requires only a few taps to enable. Here’s how to get the ready-made fun going.

Luckily it’s super easy. All you have to do is say, “Alexa, enable Halloween Routine.”

Once the routine is enabled, you can start it by saying “Start Halloween.” If you want to adjust your Alexa command, you can do that in Alexa’s settings for routines. For example, you can change “Start Halloween” to “Trick or Treat.”

This preset routine starts with a creaking door opening, flashing smart lights and a game of trick or treat. When I tried out the trick-or-treat routine, Alexa offered a fun ruse: a recipe for sweet potato and black bean cookies meant to fool someone into thinking they’re picking up a chocolate chip cookie.

My second roll of the trick-or-treat dice resulted in a corny Alexa rap about being a voice assistant for ghouls and goblins. I’ll spare you the full lyrics, but here’s the last line:

“There are only three things that can strike me with terror: water, bad Wi-Fi and a 404 error.”

In addition to the preset routine, you can also get tips on fun fall activities in your area by asking, “Alexa, find pumpkin patches nearby” or get costume and decor ideas by saying, “Alexa, give me Halloween essentials.” That’s just the tip of the candy corn when it comes to Alexa and seasonal fun.

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